PowerPoint to DVD: Precaution against Computer Corruption

Posted By Frank on May 13, 2009
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Burn a PowerPoint presentation to DVD to avoid computer corruption

You went to attend a business conference. The exciting moment to spot your presentation, your computer failed to fire out of a sudden. The operating system got corrupted. What an annoyance!

How does it go on when in face of such a “death of PowerPoint” dilemma? Surly, the first idea is to call a technical expert to fix the fault, so that you can resume your presentation and make an eventual delivery.

Except for that, you must learn something from that experience. Be aware of the importance of presentation backups. You can save a ready presentation to a USB stick if you are about to deliver with a different PC. Always remember to include all existing sounds or video clips in the same folder with the PPT file. Copy the complete folder from the flash disk to your destination computer.

You can also employ an online backup system in case you are to give the presentation on your own computer. Some online systems are capable of saving data every few minutes to back it up. That is good for retrieval of your presentation data when resetting the corrupted computer.

Nevertheless, the safest preparation is to burn your PowerPoint presentation to a DVD disc. A PowerPoint presentation may not wing on the target platform, given with a different operating system (e.g. from Windows to Mac), an earlier version than the source PowerPoint, or a cut of Internet connection. However, it can go all that through when reformatted in DVD. To burn a PowerPoint presentation to DVD, a reliable choice is Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. The software takes in your presentation, and then output a DVD movie the same animated as, yet more protective than the *.ppt (or *.pptx) work. Meanwhile, you can discover fun in customizing DVD menus, watermarking the presentation and picking the playback mode with the burner.

In a minute or two, your presentation will turn on a marvelous makeover. All right. You can access the sleek PowerPoint-generated DVD slideshow on any PC, even a DVD player with a remote control. No more to worry about any computer corruption.

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