PowerPoint Tips: How to Make Shapes with Curved Lines in Your Slide

In PowerPoint, when you inserted a shape, like “Rectangle”, how can you modify it with curved lines like below?

Shapes with Curved Lines-1

How to make shapes with curved lines in PowerPoint

Create a blank PowerPoint slide, click “Insert” → “Shapes” → click “Rectangle” shape.

Shapes with Curved Lines-2

Drag your mouse and draw the shape on the slide.

Shapes with Curved Lines-3

Select the shape, and click “Format” tab on the ribbon, then click “Edit Shape” → “Edit Points”.

Shapes with Curved Lines-4

Then you will see the shape is surrounded with red lines with 4 black dots at the corners.

Shapes with Curved Lines-5

Click on the bottom-left black dot, and two white dots will show up at the middle of the lines.

Shapes with Curved Lines-6

Select the white dot on the bottom line and drag it to the top. Please notice there is a blue line. Let’s mark it as line 1. Now you will see the left side of the bottom line is curved up.

Shapes with Curved Lines-7

Next, we need to curve down the right side of the bottom line. Click on the bottom-right black dot, and two white dots will show up at the middle of the lines. Select the white dot on the bottom line and drag it down. There is also a blue line, line 2. If line 1 and line 2 are parallel, then you make a perfect curved shape.

Shapes with Curved Lines-8

Now click “Shape Fill” and add some color to the curve shape.

Shapes with Curved Lines-9

Then, make a copy of the shape, rotate it to any direction you like, and place it at the bottom of the slide.

Shapes with Curved Lines-10

At last, fill up the curved shape with some color.

Shapes with Curved Lines-11


With the help of “Slide Master”, you can easily make a customized PowerPoint template with these amazing curved shapes.

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