PowerPoint Tips: How to Emphasis a Section of a Picture

Suppose you have a picture of many people, and you just want to talk about one of them, how can emphasis a section of a picture just using PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint gives us many useful functions. We have told about how to blur the background of a picture, how to create your own shapes, how to create invisible buttons, etc. Now with this useful trick, you can make your picture in PowerPoint even fancier.

How to emphasis a section of a picture

(We make this tutorial in PowerPoint 2010. The location of the buttons may be a little different for the interface of different PowerPoint versions varies.)

Open you PowerPoint, and click “Insert” → “Picture” to add one picture to the slide. Let’s mark this picture as picture 1.

Emphasis a section of picture-1

Make a copy of the picture, let’s say picture 2. Now you will see the picture 1 is under picture 2. Re-color the bottom picture (picture 1) as “Grayscale”.

Emphasis a section of picture-2

Carefully move picture 2 back to cover picture 1. While it is selected, click “Format” → “Crop”.

Emphasis a section of picture-3

Move the frame to cover the section you want to keep.

Emphasis a section of picture-4

Add a “Quick Style” to the cropped section.

Emphasis a section of picture-5

Now you should see your picture like below.

Emphasis a section of picture-6

Together with this PowerPoint Tips – make curved shape, you can create a PowerPoint slide like this.

Emphasis a section of picture-7

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