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Posted By Frank on March 2, 2009
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A troubled time comes. Economic crisis, together with the fear, anxiety, stress of unemployment, is becoming one of the hottest among everyday topics currently. Then, how can we ward off the ugly feelings to rebuild our missing confidence? The ways may vary, yet the essence keeps the same: Help and Share. Since all of us are closely connected, regardless of color and region, no one can stand alone in face of this great depression. Thus the first lesson we have to learn is to help each other and share more.

As a PowerPoint addict, I would take presentation as media of Help. My suggestion is that we make a presentation about love and care and share it on a home TV with family or friends. I believe that it can relieve the crisis sufferings to some extent. Here I will explain how it works.

Let’s begin with the amazing authoring tool PowerPoint. The charm of contents in form of PowerPoint is evident to almost every computer literate. To move your dear audience, an animated PowerPoint presentation with soft music and lovely pictures does work wonder. Generally, audiences are apt to such visual display rather than a plain text of a course, a promotion, or even a photo album. A presentation of joy integrated with a live video, a nice photo and a host of wipes is a cute cure of fear and stress that can utterly mirror how close you are to your family and friends.

Note: It is recommended to make your presentation brief and illustrative. Never be too long, or it will spoil the viewing fun.

Once finished the presentation, you have to share it somewhere. As to the topic of emotion tie, a home TV could be no more than the best choice. You can direct a TV-style slide show as if a real program maker, neither technical skills nor large expenses are required. All that you need are two simple devices: a PowerPoint-to-DVD burner and a DVD player, one for burning the PowerPoint presentation into TV compliant DVD, and the other for later watching on TV. The former serves as a bridge that turns your authoring presentation into sharing DVD. Related products like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner focus on such conversion and do a lot more than that.

When the presentation is converted to the ubiquitous DVD, connect it to your DVD player.

A happy family watching funny slideshow on TV
A happy family watching funny slideshow on TV

Turn on the home entertainment, every one sit back, unfetter fear or press, enjoy and escape to the exciting TV show of family love!

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