PowerPoint 2010: Use Animation Painter to save you time and duplicate effort

Animation Painter is new to PowerPoint 2010 and one of those “Now why didn’t we think of this before?” kind of tools. It can animate an item (or more than one item) in one step.

Microsoft Office programs always offer a quick way to copy formatting from one item — such as text in Word, a cell in Excel, a control in Access, or a shape in Publisher — to another. In Office Word program, we cannot do without a helpful pal named Format Painter which we can find in PowerPoint 2010 and earlier versions. However, its twin brother called Animation Painter has been introduced first in PowerPoint 2010, which was officially released in the first half of this year.

Therefore, you can turn to Animation Painter (as shown in the picture below) if you want to copy all the animation features of an object to another object, another slide, and multiple slides or to another presentation. It might be one of the most helpful toolbar buttons you should not ignore in PowerPoint 2010. It is also a real time-saver as you do not have to add all these animation properties separately to each object. The added bonus is many fewer mouse clicks.
It is very easy to use Animation Painter. Main steps include:

  • 1.Select the element with animation features you want from a PowerPoint slide.
  • 2.Go to AnimationsAdvanced Animation, and click the Animation Painter button or press ALT+SHIFT+C (To apply animation feature to more than one block of text or graphic, double-click Animation Painter), and then the pointer changes to a paintbrush icon.
  • 3.On the slide, click the object that you want to copy the animations to.
  • 4.When you’re finished, press ESC.

Note: You can not only copy the animation feature among the same file, but also transplant the features among different PowerPoint presentations. If you apply multiple animation features to more than one slide element, select each of them, one at a time.
That’s it!
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