PowerPoint 2010 Tips: How to Blur the Background of a Photo

Take the following photo as example; you are making a PowerPoint photo slideshow using this photo on one slide and you want the give prominence to the kid? How to do make it? Use Photoshop? Photoshop can handle this but it is not easy to use. If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop, why not blur the background of the photo directly in PowerPoint 2010.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-1

You’ll need two copies of the photo. Then use 2010’s new Artistic Effects feature to blur the background of one. And remove background of another. Finally blend these two photos together and you’ll get the effect.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-2

Step 1: Import the photo to one PowerPoint slide. Resize, change color, brightness, etc. if necessary. Then make a copy of the whole slide.

Step 2: Choose the first slide and select the picture. On the “Picture Tools Format” tab, click the “Artistic Effects” in the “Adjust” group and choose the “Blur” effect from the gallery.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-3

Step 3: To increase the blur effect (the default is 10%), click the “Artistic Effects” dropdown again and choose “Artistic Effects Option” below the gallery. In the pop-up dialog box, change the “Radius” setting if necessary.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-4

Now the background is OK. Next we need to remove the background of the second slide.

Step 4: Choose the second slide and select the picture. On the “Picture Tools Format” tab, click the “Remove Background” in the “Adjust” group.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-5

Step 5: In the pop-up window, the Remove tool will distinguish the background automatically, drag the Mark Area to choose what you want to keep.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-6

Click “Mark Areas to Keep” and then “Keep Changes” on the top and you will get the photo without background.

Step 6: Copy and paste the second photo (background removed) on the first slide so that it will cover the blurred background photo.

Blur Photo Background in PowerPoint 2010-7

Notes: PowerPoint 2010 offers many other background effects. But remember that the image should be simple enough otherwise it cannot remove the background properly. With the help of Moyea PPT to Video Converter, you can save your PowerPoint photo slideshow as movie and upload to YouTube or your blog for sharing with your friends.

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