Poll: Who Was Steve Jobs to You?

Posted By James on October 8, 2011
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Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011

After a long-fought battle with illness, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has passed Wednesday at 56. From the original Macintosh computer to the blossomed culture-changing Macbook, iPod, iPhone, Mac OS and iOS, Steve Jobs has directly and indirectly changed the world.

To most, he was admired as a characteristic legend who made smart, intuitive machines for people’s lives and a business titan who made success not only in Apple but also Pixar.

No one is perfect and Steve Jobs is no exception. He is also criticized by some people for his strong desire to control Apple products and the bad factory conditions of the Chinese laborers.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. So who was Steve Jobs to you? Take our poll and express our best wishes. RIP, Steve Jobs!

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