Patriotic Songs Ideas for Video or DVD Slideshow using PowerPoint

Posted By Dupont on June 13, 2012
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Tomorrow June 14th is the Flag Day and 20 days later it is the well-known Independence Day.

Getting to know Flag Day

July 4th famous patriotic quotes

Both the two holidays have one theme, to show respect to our nation. Patriotism is one of the virtues that every nation thinks highly of. The love of our own country gives us the sense of belonging and our roots are always in our motherland. It is a good opportunity to express our patriotic feelings out and pass the patriotism to the next generation.

Great celebrate quotes, famous hero stories and patriotic songs, etc. are nutrients to grow a healthy patriotic tree. Making a video or DVD slideshow using PowerPoint is one of the ways you can choose to share the patriotism with more people. Here we will share some great patriotic songs to encourage feelings of honor for the country’s forefathers and for national unity.

(Each of the song has a link to YouTube, if you like the song, snipmp3 will help you to convert the YouTube video to MP3 song.)

For those who love country music for its usually gentle melody and inspirational lyrics, this list below has some patriotic country music for you.

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