Office 2013 Rumors: Welcome Office 2013 and Mobile Office 2013 for Android and iOS in 2013

In September, the price of Microsoft Office 2013 was released and in December, Office 2013 productivity suite was rolled out to business customers. While users are looking forward to the coming of Office 2013 for general public, they are turned down because it won’t be until 2013. Moreover, according to recent Office 2013 rumors, the first quarter of 2013 will also witness the release of loftily expected Mobile Office 2013 for Android and iOS. Therefore, 2013 will be a great year for all Office 2013 lovers.


At current, only Windows phones like Nokia Lumia 900 can take full advantages of Microsoft Office. Many people think that powerful tools like Office shall be employed by more smartphones, so does Microsoft Company. Though it is almost a certainty that Microsoft will provide Android and iOS mobiles accesses to Office 2013, the company still remain silent to the existence of Mobile Office 2013. However, even without confirmation from Microsoft, those Mobile Office 2013 rumors are influential enough to stir mobile users’ enthusiasm. At present, the only way for users to view PowerPoint file on non-Windows mobiles is to download third-party apps like Document to Go and Document Viewer. When mobile Office 2013 is released, users can get easier ways to enjoy PowerPoint on iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3.

Mobile Office 2013

If the rumors have been proven to be true, Mobile Office 2013 will be designed as an app that can only help users view Office files on Android or iOS devices. No editing, publishing, sharing or uploading operations can be done unless users have purchased Office 365 subscriptions.  Compared with the costly Office 2013, Office 365 is provided in more reasonable prices. At present, computer users need to pay 100 dollars per year for Office 365 Home Premium or 150 dollars per year for Office 365 Small Business Premium. Therefore, many people believe that Mobile Office 365 will be sold with fairly price tags. Of course, in order to enjoy Mobile Office 2013, mobile users need to get an account from Microsoft. Moreover, Office 2013 for iPhone is said to be released in early March next year and Office 2013 for Android will come out in May.


Actually, Microsoft is trying to be more than a software provider for computers. With Microsoft Surface, the company tries to extent its services to tablet market and with Windows mobile and Mobile Office 365, the company tries to be a winner in mobile market. There are great chances for Mobile Office 2013 to be a real market hit. For one thing, Mobile Office 2012 is the first time Microsoft tries to provide solutions to help Android or iOS mobile users enjoy PowerPoint or Excel; for another, Office 2013 is a program designed for touch screen mobiles. While Windows 8 is designed as a system for both tablets and computers, Microsoft Office 2013 is also attached with some touch screen based operations. Therefore, compared with keyboard-based Office 2010, Office 2013 can bring mobile users more joys and fun.  


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