New Year Gift Ideas – Top 5 Low-budget Gifts for New Year 2013

Posted By Tony on December 27, 2012
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After waving goodbye to Santa Claus, people have gotten no time to rest because New Year 2013 is coming. Like Christmas 2012, New Year 2013 is a time to prepare for family dinner; different from Christmas 2012, New Year 2013 is a day about reviewing the past and planning for the future. Generally speaking, on New Year 2013, people tend to attend New Year parties to have a good time and send New Year gifts to friends which contain their best wishes. As a consequence, New Year gift actually plays an important role in New Year celebrations.  It is even no exaggeration to assert that innovative New Year gift ideas are the keys to successful New Year 2013 celebrations.

Happy New Year 2013

So what kind of New Year gift ideas can be called good? For one thing, good New Year gift ideas need to be able to lead customers to best New Year 2013 deals; for another, those recommended gifts for New Year 2013 share be not only low-budget in price but also excellent in performance.  Here 5 low-budget gifts for New Year 2013 will be provided. Generally speaking, all those five New Year 2013 gifts are best-selling goods provided for less than 50 dollars.

1. Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

A great issue for 2012 mobile market is the rising of Windows 8 phone, which can be contributed to the success of Lumia 920. As the flagship of Nokia mobile, Lumia 920 gives the company the new hope of revitalization. Sporting dual-core processor, 8.7-megapixel rear camera, 4.5-inch IPS display and fully baked Windows 8, Nokia Lumia 920 turns out to be one of the most desirable mobiles in the world. More importantly, contract customers can now purchase this amazing mobile with 39.9 dollars from AT&T. Exchanging the best 2012 mobile with 40 dollars? That is definitely the best low-budget New Year gift one can get.

2. Aakash 2

Aakash 20

Even though Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD or iPad mini are more favored as gift for New Year 2013, they are priced for at least 150 dollars. To this extent, Aakash 2 is the best choice for customers who tend to use low-budget tablets as gifts for New Year 2013. Powered by Ice Cream Sandwich, Aakash 2 is a 7-inch tablet with 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, 512M RAM, 4GB built-in memory, 4-hour battery and a resolution of 800×480. Though the cheapest tablet in the world is not as impressive as Nexus 7 in performance, it is far from satisfying as a 40-dollar device. In fact, Aakash 2 is powerful enough to be used for ordinary entertainment.  

3. PPT to Video Converter

PPT to Video Converter

With the approaching of New Year 2013, the demand for New Year PowerPoint increases. Designed as a profession PPT converter, PPT to Video Converter can provide users perfect solution to watch PowerPoint on portable devices like iPad mini. Therefore, for users who want to get accesses to PowerPoint with their mobiles, this will be a best gift for New Year 2013. Originally sold for 49.99 dollars, PPT to Video Converter is now provided for up to 80% off in recent days. Moreover, users can also use coupon code XMAS1OFF for 10% off, MOY_XMAS for 20% off, XMS_2012 for 30% off and XMAS2012 for 40% off when purchasing the converter.

4. Ticket for Les Miserables

Les Miserables

In order to celebrate the coming of New Year, various New Year movies will be released around January 1st. As a consequence, ticket for New Year movies turn out to be a good low-budget gift for New Year. In terms of low-budget gift for New Year 2013, ticket for Les Miserables will be definitely a good choice. Made in accordance with the famous novel of Hugo, Les Miserables turns out to be not only a big market hit, but also a promising Oscar winner. Starred by Annie Hathaway and Hugh Jackman , Les Miserables has already robbed 18.2 million dollars in box office on its releasing day. In the movie, Jackman will show the audiences the image of a faithful man who can’t be defeated by hardships and troubles. Moroever, with less than 20 dollars, users can get the ticket for this best 2012 movie.   

5. The Hunger Games trilogy

The Hunger Games trilogy

Here comes a great New Year 2013 gift for all bookworms: The Hunger Games trilogy. In 2012, The Hunger Games trilogy has defeated Harry Potter books to be the best-selling book series of all time. The novel based movie The Hunger Games had been a record breaker in April. Even the DVD of the movie becomes the best-selling DVD of the year. Therefore, The Hunger Games novels are definitely worth reading. When used as low-budget gift for New Year 2013, The Hunger Games trilogy can be purchased with just 27 dollars.

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