Microsoft Office 2013 Becomes More Costly than Microsoft Office 2010

The better a thing gets the more value it earns. This point is once more proved by software giant Microsoft after it had released the price of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365. Comparing with Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 does many improvements in functions and design. Therefore Microsoft decides to charge more on Office 2013 than on Office 2010. In other words, Microsoft Office 2013 becomes more costly than Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2013

According to the lists provided by Microsoft, the packages of Microsoft Office 2013 cost more than that of Microsoft Office 2010. In Office 2013, Office Home & Student charges for 140 dollars, a 17% rise in price; Office Home & Business is available for 220 dollars, a 10% bump from 200 dollars and Office Professional is priced with 400 dollars, an extra 50-dollar gain. Moreover, no discounts are provided for buyers when purchasing multiple licenses for Microsoft Office 2013. Therefore, Office 2013 is not only more expansive than Office 2010 in retail price but also in wholesale price.

It is a risky move to elevate the price tag of Microsoft Office 2013 by such a wide margin because users may stick to Microsoft Office 2010. Once the situation happens, the software giant will suffer heavy loss from its most profitable product. However, this is not going to happen because Office 2013 is too attractive and powerful to reject. Obviously, Office 2013 wins over Office 2010 in various aspects.

In general, Office 2013 not only takes full advantages of SkyDrive but also offers touch screen mode. Therefore users can not only backup their documents in SkyDrive automatically but also use Office 2013 in tablets freely. In terms of its components, Word 2013, Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 are all attached with new features. Word 2013 can now edit PDF files directly without add-in installed, Excel 2013 gains “Flash Fill” and social network integration and PowerPoint 2013 owns a new feature named “behind the scenes“. Consequently, Office 2013 will provide users fresh experience with its components.

Since it is quite costly for users who need Office 2013 in different computers, they can save a lot of money by choosing Office 365 package. With 100 dollars per year, users enjoy Office 365 Home Premium on five different devices. With 150 dollars per year, a user can make full of Office 365 Small Business Premium package in 5 devices. Though Office 365 is a pay-per-year service, it helps users to save a lot of money. The expansive Office 2013 package requires 140 dollars a computer at least while Office 365 only requires less than 30 dollars per device. Therefore, when taking Office 365 into consideration, Office 2013 seems not to be that expansive.

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