Make A Love Story Video With PowerPoint Pictures

Show your passion, your most precious love for your honey on a pretty PowerPoint video story.

Romeo and Juliet never die in their love story as it roots in most progeny of men. No one can deny the incredible magic of a tender love story.

love story photo

  • We were both young when I first saw you
    I close my eyes
    And the flashback starts
    I’m standing there
    On a balcony of summer air

    See the lights,
    See the party
    the ball gowns
    I see you make your way through the crowd
    You say hello
    Little did I know

  • Pop country music singer Taylor Swift did make a hit last summer with a gorgeous love story musical video. The 4-minute love story video has won 3,108,932 + 11,928,641 views within 10 months on YouTube, excluding other sharing space like MySpace, MTV, and personal podcasts. Love witnesses the power of Internet. So my friend, do you itch for such a staggering love story video? A vain hope? No. Believe me, it is possible and never a brain-rack if not expected to be that complex as those big movies like Casablanca or Twilight, but rather a simple video consisting of photos, captions, movie montages, voice narration, together with a string of animated effects. No necessary to be an expert in video editing, you can easily create your own love story video and share with the whole world online and on the go if you take these two helping hands: MS PowerPoint and Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Use the former to compose your love story, and the latter to finalize it in seamless video.

    Here comes an introductory guide of making a love story video with PowerPoint pictures.


    Items to prepare in advance:

  • 1. MS PowerPoint on your PC
    2. Quality photos for the love story
    3. Music tracks or movie clips (optional)
    4. Moyea PPT to Video Converter
  • Ready? Let’s take a grasp of these steps:

    Step 1: Input the selected photos, sound tracks and movie clips (if there is any) and edit them in PowerPoint

    In PowerPoint 2007, open a blank presentation, and go to Insert -> Photo Albums -> New Photo Album. The Photo Album interface appears. Click the File/Disk button to add in your love story photo folder.


    You can set the color tone to black and white. Organize the love story photos by clicking Edit Photo Album under the Photo Album tab. Add captions to each photo slide. Next, insert a specified song to playback it across your love presentation. Also, add in a romantic movie clip to make a dynamic effect. Give a thought to animations and wipes to move the love story show.

    Step 2: Import the ready love story presentation to Moyea PPT to Video Converter
    Once installed Moyea PPT to Video Converter, import the love story presentation in the program. Select a video output like MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. Customize various parameters for your love story video as you like. OK. Click Start to generate a love story video.

    Voila. Now you can upload the love story video to YouTube, MySpace, your blog or podcast. Moreover, connect it to your iPod or Blackberry to watch the wonderful show on the go.

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