Love Michael Jackson, Make A Memory Video for Him

Posted By Frank on July 6, 2009
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From Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Black and White to Heal the World, Michael Jackson overwhelmed the world with his spiffy dance moves and voices. Being gone of a sudden, the man astonishes us again by his huge influence on global music and culture, which goes far beyond America and Europe, even to his root land Africa and the overseas East. When he was alive, he broke down racial barriers and paved the way for younger generations on pop music through a wealth of exquisite music videos. Now the great entertainer is passing forever, is there anything we the MJ addicts can do to remember him?

The answer is definite. As to fans of MJ MVs, I think a good memory practice is to make a distinctive video as a tribute to him. Rather than listening to an existing music video of his, a homemade video writing our wishes for MJ will make more sense on his voyage to heaven. Some may fear that it is hard to make a video without sufficient competence in audio and video editing. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround – Write and edit memory messages in PowerPoint & Save to video with Moyea PPT to Video Converter. MS PowerPoint offers a simple solution for us to add magic to plain text, with a crafty mix of animations, sounds and movie montage clips; while Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a professional PowerPoint-to-video software program, processes a ready presentation to various videos that supported by the Web and many portables.

Guides on Memory Video for Michael Jackson Whether good at video editing or not, every MJ fan can manage to make a video out of PowerPoint with these 2 steps:

Step 1: Structure a MJ presentation in PowerPoint

To make an awesome MJ presentation, a clear clue is a must. Sort the memory words to a complete story with beginning, development and ending. It can be a photo album of the gracious singer, a MJ memory collection from all sides of the society, a self-recorded song with lyrics for the musician, or anything else that is particular and proper to express our deep feeling for MJ. Add in animations, transitions, sounds or even movie clips for a dramatic effect. Remember not to make it too long, just keep it within a quarter. Related sources that you may need:

Free PowerPoint Templates of Michael Jackson

Free Michael Jackson Wallpaper

Michael Jackson Music

Step 2: Finalize the MJ presentation in video

When the MJ memory presentation is completed, forward the conversion task to Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Import the presentation, and let the smart helper output it to a seamless video in AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP and etc. Click here for details of converting PowerPoint to video

Now our final video comes out, the next concern is

Where does this MJ memory carrier go?

The destination varies according to the specific format set within the PPT to Video converter.

  • Stop 1 – Internet We can upload the MJ memory video to a string of social networking sites, e.g. YouTube, MySpace, blogs, podcasts, inviting friends and other MJ fans to share the affection for the Pop of King. Besides, there are special sites for MJ fans to submit memory messages, photos and videos, such as the "At Memorials for Michael Jackson" on MSNBC
  • Stop 2 – iPod or similar mobile gadgets To stay alone with the late artist, connect the MJ memory video to an iPod, an iPhone, or a mobile phone like Blackberry. These personal gadgets are best choices for a separate prayer, unique, tranquil, and solemn enough to keep the bygone undisturbed. Yes, we love him.

May Michael Jackson Rest in Peace!

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