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Posted By Frank on June 15, 2009
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Is it possible to show a PowerPoint presentation living on the web? Not just a set of static slide images without any effect what a PowerPoint presentation appears on SlideShare. I would like the presentation looks and plays on the web as the way it has been made, remaining every animated element like narration, sound, wipe and movie clip. So I can still share with groups afar without a face-to-face given.

Joe Black

MS PowerPoint is a good friend to most people in the modern 21st century. The great authoring tool let us make dynamic presentations stretched to fields of a variety, e.g., in business the presentations on product promotion, sales reports, corporate meetings; in education the presentations on class courses, student homework and remote e-Learning stuff; and in government the presentations on civil conference, official election and public events. Files of PowerPoint, however, are often too bloated to be friendly to the web, hard to preserve live components like animations and wipes after a straight uploading to a website.

So what is the perfect practice for displaying a lively presentation on the web?

The perfect should not be called a perfect unless it

– Conveys complete of components in a PowerPoint presentation

– Makes a presentation convenient to be viewed but difficult to be stolen

What is that perfect that is beloved of the Web 2.0 nowadays? Video is the answer. We search videos on Google, and watch videos on YouTube. The key is to make a PowerPoint presentation run like a seamless video. Actually, the PowerPoint presentation can evolve into a stream video provided with a simple tool called Moyea PPT4Web Converter (also PowerPoint to FLV Converter). This software application, right for web expansion of PowerPoint presentations, is easy to use and smart to convert a batch of PPT files to web-ready flash videos. And the most important, it can create a flash video that syncs the whole staff of PowerPoint, not a bit loss of your favorite sound or narration or cute movie clip.

Here is a brief guide of using this PowerPoint to FLV converter:

i. Download and install the .exe file of the PPT to FLV converter.

ii. When it is running, add in the PowerPoint file(s) that you want to convert to web-ready flash video.

iii. Click “Start” once everything is set OK.

Click here to see a detailed tutorial of converting PowerPoint to FLV

Then, in a minute or two, you will get a flash video safer and smaller, recording every subtlety of the original PowerPoint presentation. Next, it is an ease to upload the video presentation to the web, such as video communities like YouTube and forums, personal web pages like blogs and podcasts. Be sure that a Web player is installed at the website where the live PowerPoint presentation is to be showed up.

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