Learn Christmas Holiday: 15 Christmas Symbols You Should Know

Posted By Frank on December 9, 2009
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There are a number of characters and symbols associated with Christmas holiday. Do you know the meaning of every symbol of Xmas? For your quick reference, here we outline a list of typical Christmas symbols with vivid icons.

1. Santa Claus

santa clause
Santa Claus, also Father Christmas, is a merry old man of Dutch origin, in red and white clothes, with eight flying reindeer, and came down the chimney.

2. Advent Wreath

Four candles placed on a wreath. One candle is lit each Sunday before Christmas in anticipation of Christ’s birthday. Christmas wreath can be themed in fresh flower, holly, white, candy coat and etc.

3. Christmas Tree

Xmas Tree in short, Christmas Tree refers to the Evergreen trees and tree branches have been used for decorating homes for Christmas. The decorated tree originated in Germany where a fir tree was decorated with apples and candles. Prince Albert brought the custom to England. Decorating a Christmas tree is a popular trend in the West.

4. Christmas Stockings

A legend tells the origin of Christmas stockings. St. Nick, who wanted to remain anonymous and help a poor family, threw gold coins down their chimney. They fell into a stocking that was hanging there to dry.

5. Yule Log

The word "yule" means "wheel", a symbol representing the sun. Before Jesus was born, pagans thought the sun stood still for 12 days of Christmas at the end of the year. A log was cut large enough to burn for this time period to burn away last year’s evil.

6. Mistletoe

A sprig of evergreen plant hung at Christmas time. Custom is that people can kiss each other standing under it.

7. Christmas Bells

Church bells rang to announce the birth of Jesus. They still ring today.

8. Christmas Camels

Camels are the animals the Wisemen rode following the star to where Jesus was born.

9. Candles

Candles represent the light that Jesus brought to earth. Pagans who converted to Christianity used candles on the sacred evergreen tree.

10. Christmas Star

The Star of Bethlehem guided the Three Wisemen to Baby Jesus. The Christmas star announced the birth of Christ. Many songs were written about it. The star appeared on many of the first Christmas cards in the 1840s. Stars were placed on the tops of Christmas Trees.

11. Christmas Gifts

The first Christmas gifts were given by the Wisemen to Baby Jesus.

12. Christmas Holly

Holly is a shrub with spiny leaves and red berries. The leaves remain green throughout the year. Pagans thought its greenness was a promise that the sun would return. Early French and English families hung holly over their doors to symbolize a home in which Christ’s birth is celebrated.

13. Christmas Carols

Caroling is a medieval custom of singing and dancing around a Christmas tree. Most of the early carols were about Mary, the shepherds, the Magi and the birth of Jesus. Later carols were sung by groups of people who would go to homes and sing in harmony. Early carols weren’t holy enough for singing inside a church, so caroling was done outside.

14. Christmas Manger
A cow’s manger is the place where Baby Jesus slept. It is part of the Creche. St. Francis of Assisi made the first manger scene on Christmas Eve in 1224 outside his church in Italy . He used real people and animals to recreate the scene. Some countries use wood carvings for the manger scene.

15. Typical Christianity Features

An angel told the shepherds of the birth of Jesus. Angels come in many forms for Christmas decorations including the tree topper.

Jesus Christ
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God.

Joseph is the husband of Mary.

Mary is the mother of Jesus.

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