June 6 is National Yo-Yo Day

Posted By Dupont on June 6, 2012
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June 6 is the day to “Walk the Dog”, “Go Around the World”, “D-Day”, but do you know that it is also National Yo-Yo Day . Have you ever celebrated this special holiday? The Yo-Yo is one of the most interesting inventions ever. In fact, it is the second oldest toys in the world (the oldest toy is doll).

The first Yo-Yo

The Yo-Yo’s origin is hard to factually prove. Many believe that the Yo-Yo originated in China as early as 500-1000 B.C. However, there is some evidence that it was first used in Greece even before this time. A Greek vase painting shows a boy playing Yo-Yo in the time of 440 B.C.


The origin of National Yo-Yo Day

National Yo-Yo Day is celebrated annually on Donald’s birthday. June 6 is the birthday of Donald F. Duncan Sr., who recognized the potential of Yo-Yo and started his own business under the name Duncan. His “Duncan Yo-Yo” became a hot item in stores for everyone to buy and by the 1960s, the Yo-Yo became so popular that people were making their careers out of playing Yo-Yo Contest.


Yo-Yo Trivia

The world’s largest Yo-Yo weighs 256 pounds, and is on display at the National Yo-Yo museum.


In 1992, Jeffrey Hoffman took a Yo-Yo into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis.

What is Yo-Yo

A yo-yo is a toy that has two disks connected together and sandwiching a long string. Traditionally made of wood, the disks are now commonly made of plastic. Attached to the center of the disks, the string winds, unwinds, and rewinds, while attached to a person’s finger.

How to play Yo-Yo

Interested in Yo-Yo now? Do you want to play Yo-Yo by yourself and get into this funny National Yo-Yo Day? This site gives out illustration of some basic Yo-Yo tricks: http://www.yoyoguy.com/info/yoyo/, like:


YouTube is always a good place for beginners to get some visual aid about basic skills. Here is a guide on how to do basic Yo-Yo:

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