Insert DVD Movie Clips to PowerPoint V.S. Burn PowerPoint Presentation to DVD

Posted By Frank on October 12, 2009
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DVD and PowerPoint are frequently blended into each other these days. You may try to insert a small portion of a DVD movie to your PowerPoint presentation that is supposed to display through a slide projector. You may also need to burn an amazing slideshow to DVD+RW so as to play on a home DVD player hooked to TV. The problem is, there is no direct way to join PowerPoint and DVD, the two different media formats by now. Intermediaries are necessary for integrating PowerPoint and DVD. If you look for a clue of building a quick bridge for the two, read on…

* Insert a DVD movie clip to your PowerPoint presentation

You cannot put a DVD, or an audio or video portion of DVD, straight into any MS PowerPoint program. To use a matching portion of a terrific DVD movie in your PowerPoint slideshow, the first thing you need is a quality DVD ripper to rip/crop the very portion of the DVD movie and convert it to video compatible with PowerPoint (click here to see which audio and video formats are supported by MS PowerPoint). When you Google or Bing, you will probably find a glut of DVD rippers alleged that could rip a DVD movie to various video. You can try one of the top listed on Google or Bing, e.g. Leawo DVD Ripper, Magic DVD Ripper, Top DVD Ripper, Xili DVD Ripper, etc. The one I hold is Leawo DVD Ripper, coz it is cheaper compared with the others, and there is also a considerate given of free singles like Leawo Free DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4 and more. Take it as an example:

<br/ >Rip DVD to PowerPoint-compatible video

Section 1 Rip the DVD movie to PowerPoint-compatible video with Leawo DVD Ripper


  • I. Download and install Leawo DVD Ripper. Insert the disk that you would like to use into the DVD drive



  • II. Run the ripping program and import the DVD file from your local drive.



  • III. Make necessary settings for the output video to come. In the Subtitle dropdown, select the subtitle language. From the Audio dropdown list, select the language of the audio. In the Profile, select any supportable video format like AVI, MP4 and WMV. Also, change the existing Output location if you would like to set another destination folder for the output file.



  • IV. To have a tweak on default video parameters, use the Customize feature to personalize the video. Under the Effect tab, you can fine tune the video brightness, contrast as well as the audio volume. Under the Trim tab, below the thumbnail of the DVD movie, drag between the scroll bar to define the portion that you need for your PowerPoint presentation. From Crop, select a cropping option from the Letter Box or cropping the video by dragging the dot frame on the right. Click OK to confirm the settings.



  • V. Finally, click the big whirling arrow button to start the conversion. You will get a video ready for PowerPoint in several minutes.


Section 2 Insert the cropped DVD video clip to your PowerPoint presentation

Now your DVD movie is in AVI (or MP4, WMV, ASF), it is a no-brainer to do the insertion task. Perform the Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Movie(video) from File routine to put the converted DVD video clip into your PPT file. Explore more details at How to insert a Movie (or video) into PowerPoint 2003 and How to insert a video into PowerPoint 2007

Note – Do not forget to place the video file in the same folder with your presentation file. Otherwise, it won’t work.

* Burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD slideshow

A K-12 course, a training lecture, or a digital photo album that made in MS PowerPoint is more often than not transformed onto a DVD disk for better distribution. To burn your PowerPoint presentation to DVD, you can rely on screen recording software like Camtasia Studio, which converts the presentation to video and then turn the video to DVD. However, there is a cheap one-go alternative for you – Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, a conversion tool that can burn a dozen of PPT files straight onto a DVD disc (as well as convert PowerPoint presentations to 24 plus video formats).

Here is the how-to brief:

1. Download and install Moyea PPT to DVD Burner on your local PC. Insert a blank DVD disk, run the program and import the PowerPoint file to convert to DVD.

2. From the Options, select the output as either Create Standard DVD or Create High Definition DVD. In the Menu tab, select a proper DVD menu for the slideshow. Add a sound for the DVD slideshow if you forgot that done in PowerPoint. Indentify the DVD slideshow with the Logo feature.

3. Go to the Burn option, and click Start to burn the PowerPoint presentation onto the disk.

When the disk is fulfilled, you can pop it out, and take it anywhere you go. It is chic to pad the disk to a HD DVD player, sit back toward a theatre-like TV, enjoy with a merry group of audience.

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