How to Write Annotations on PowerPoint During Slideshow

When you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, sometimes you may need to write down annotations on PowerPoint slides just like you usually do on book or blackboard. How to write annotations on slide use PowerPoint not laser pen?

Method to write annotations on PowerPoint during slideshow:

1.Right click on the slide during the slideshow and from the shortcut menu choose “Pointer Options”.

2. Select one of the choices from the expanded list:

  • Arrow – This returns you to the slide to continue on with the slide show.
  • Ballpoint Pen – The mouse pointer becomes tool like a black ballpoint pen and you may write on the slide, using the mouse.
  • Felt Tip Pen – The mouse pointer becomes a tool like a red felt pen and you may write on the slide, using the mouse.
  • Highlighter – The mouse pointer becomes a tool like a yellow highlighter and you may use just as you would a highlighter.

Write Annotations on Powerpoint: Choose Pen Type

3.You only have 3 default colors to choose. If you want to use other colors, choose “Pointer Options” > “Ink Color”. Then an additional menu will show up and you may choose other colors.

4.How to erase an annotation on the slide. Click on “Pointer Options” > “Eraser” and the mouse will turn to an eraser tool. Press the left key to slide through an annotation and release the mouse, then the annotation will be erased.

5.Continue slideshow after writing annotations on PowerPoint slides. Right click and choose “Pointer Options” > “Arrow” to resume the slideshow.

6.Save annotations. At the end of the slideshow, you will need to choose “Keep” or “Discard” the annotations you write on the PowerPoint slides.

Write Annotations on Powerpoint: Keep or Discard

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