How to Write Annotation during Presentation in PowerPoint 2010

Have you ever needed to emphasize a word or phrase when you are presenting your PowerPoint slideshow? PowerPoint enables you to turn your mouse pointer into a virtual “pen” to highlight and circle your key points. You can change the pen color to match the colors in your presentation. When you are finished, you can turn the “pen” back to normal mouse pointer. The marks you add with the “pen” can be saved with the presentation and turned on or off when your re-open the PowerPoint file.

This tutorial will tell you how to use mouse pointer as virtual “pen” to write annotations during presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

Open your PowerPoint file with PowerPoint 2010 and press “F5” to enter Slide Show view mode.

Change Arrow Options

Right-click on the slide; choose “Pointer Options” → “Arrow Options”, and then you will see 3 options:

Automatic hides the pointer until you move the mouse.

Visible makes the pointer visible all the time.

Hidden makes the pointer invisible throughout the presentation.

Change Arrow Options

Use a Pen to Write Annotations during Presentation

In Slide Show view, right-click on the slide and choose “Pointer Options”, and you will see 2 pen types are available:

Pen – The mouse pointer becomes a red color pen and you may write on the slide, using the mouse.

Highlighter – The mouse pointer becomes a yellow highlighter and you may use just as you would a highlighter.

Choose Pen Type

Below, click “Ink Color” to change the ink color of the pen, select the color you want.

Change Ink Color

Save Annotations

When your PowerPoint presentation is finished, press “ESC” to end the show, then a dialog will pop up. You can choose “Keep” to save all the annotations with the PowerPoint file or “Discard” to ignore them.

Save Annotations

Turn Saved Annotations On or Off

In Normal view, click “Review” tab on the ribbon; click “Show Markup” button to turn on or off the saved annotations when you re-open the PowerPoint file.

Turn Saved Annotations On or Off

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also access the annotation pen by pressing CTRL + P during a presentation, and return to the arrow (normal mouse pointer) by pressing CTRL + A.

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