How to Use Video as Background in PowerPoint 2010


How do you use video backgrounds in PowerPoint?


How to use video as background in PowerPoint? Have you tried this before? You know when you set the picture as background in PowerPoint, you have done this – “Send to Back”, right? Can you do this to a video and make it a video background in PowerPoint, on which you can add text, picture, animations, transitions, etc.?

The answer is yes, but with a few more settings to make the video loop play as background. Take PowerPoint 2010 as example, you will see the step-by-step guides below:

Step 1: Add a new PowerPoint slide and insert video first. Click “Insert” tab on the ribbon. Click “Video from file” and browse the video file and embed it at any location.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-1

Using the edge points, resize the video so that it covers the whole slide page.

Step 2: Select the video and you will have new tabs for “Video Tools”. Under the “Format tab”, click “Send to Back” to set the video as background. You can use the “Corrections” to adjust the brightness and contrast. Many other video format settings are available too.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-2

Step 3: Under the “Playback tab” from Video Tools, set Start to Automatically, Check “Loop until stopped” and “Rewind after playing” boxes.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-3

Step 4: Add text in the text box and animations to the text. Remember to set the animations Start with Previous.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-4

Finally, you can save your PowerPoint as WMV movie so that you can upload to YouTube or your blog to share with more people.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-5

For older PowerPoint versions like PowerPoint 2007 & 2003, you can also save PowerPoint as video with the help of Moyea PowerPoint to Video Converter, to keep all the transitions, animations, music and video, etc.

Video Background in PowerPoint 2010-6

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