How to trim video and share it online with TubeChop, PowerPoint Converter and Video Converter


Not every section of a video should be treasured, but there is always a section of video you are dying to share with the others. In this article, I will introduce some common methods to you.

Camcorders profoundly change people’s lives. Armed with this portable, self-contained device having video capture and recording as its primary function, many people come with the dreams of becoming a director and recorder of their own lives. In addition, as YouTube and other video-sharing websites spring up, uploading, sharing, viewing and commenting video clips are easier and more popular. However, when you need just a part of a video and plan to share online, what can you do?

Method One: Turn to TubeChop

If the original video is online (such as from YouTube), TubeChop is an excellent tool which allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.


  • 1. Enter keyword or YouTube URL in the search box.
  • 2. Find the video you want to chop.
  • 3. Select & cut interesting part of the video.


  • 4. Share it with friends. You can copy the Embed Code onto your blog, Facebook, MySpace or tweet the link on your Twitter.

Note: It is easy to use and effective, however, both the original video and “chopped” video are stored online, either video is deleted, the video cannot be displayed.

Method Two: Edit video with PowerPoint 2010

With PowerPoint 2010’s built-in video editor, you can easily trim unwanted portions of a video clip before inserting it into your presentation. Then you can apply styles like fading edges, 3D rotation, live reflections, etc. to make your videos all the more impressive.
You can even recolor videos so that they match the color theme of your other slides. There are options to correct the brightness and contrast parameter of a video but what’s more exciting is that you can make these changes visually. If you want to revert to the original start, just click the Reset Design button and it will undo all the video edits.

  • 1. InsertVideoVideo from File, and to insert the video you want to trim.


  • 2. Video Tools Playback Trim Video. Trim the video clip by specifying the start and end times via dragging the green and red slipper separately.


  • 3. Video ToolsVideo StylesVideo Shape (Change the shape of the video, preserving all the formatting.) / Video Border (Specify the color, width, and line style for the outline of the selected video.) / Video Effects (Apply a visual effect to the video, such as a shadow, glow, reflection, or 3D rotation).


Note: This method seems much more sophisticated, but you can add many styles for the video. Moreover, you do not take the risk of losing the video for the online video is deleted. What’s more, you can view the video on your portable multimedia device, such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and etc.

Method Three: Crip video with third-party Video Converter

  • 1. Download online YouTube with FREE YouTube Downloader.
  • 2. Trim or edit the video with a professional Video Converter.
  • 3. Upload the trimmed video onto YouTube and the like.

Note: Time and effort saving, but costly sometimes.

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