How to Sync Video and Audio Files Playback in PowerPoint 2010

Someone asked this interesting question on Yahoo Answer. He has put a video and a voice recording on one slide and set them both to start automatically on the Playback tab, but only one plays. I have tried to insert one video and one audio file to my PowerPoint 2010 and set them both play automatically. The result is the same, only the video is playing automatically. It seems that we need to do a little more settings and below are what I have done to make the video and audio play at the same time automatically.

Step 1: Add the video and audio into the PowerPoint slide.

Click InsertVideoVideo from File to add the video file

Click InsertAudioAudio from File to add the audio file


Step 2: Select the video and set it Start Automatically on the Playback tab. Do the same to the added audio.


Step 3: Click Animation Pane under the Animations tab to adjust the timing of the two file to make them sync.


The video and audio files are displayed in Animation Pane like this:


Step 4: Right click on each of the item and set it Start with Previous.


Step 5: Set the Trigger of the video. Right click and choose Effect Options.


In the pop up window, under Timing tab, click Triggers and choose the audio in the Start effect on click of option.


After the settings, the Animation Pane should be like this:


Now press F5 to view your PowerPoint, the video and audio should be playing at the same time.

This tip may also be used when you use a video as PowerPoint background and add a voice narration to tell a story.

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