How to Share PowerPoint on YouTube

These years, with the rise of the Internet, a large number of video sharing websites are born at the right moment. Among them, YouTube is one of the most outstanding one. It allows the Internet users to browse, search, create and share videos easily in seconds. At this point, YouTube is really a world of videos where we can express ourselves and communicate with others by videos.

I have shared many videos on YouTube, but now I want to share my PowerPoint presentation on YouTube. As we all know, YouTube supports no PowerPoint presentation sharing. It means that it is impossible for me to share my PowerPoint presentation on YouTube directly. Then, what can I do? Do not worry, I have a good idea! I can convert PowerPoint presentation to video, then, sharing my PowerPoint presentations on YouTube is no longer a problem.

There is another problem. There are so many video formats, which one shall I choose? According to researches, at present, a lot of online video sites including YouTube, Tudou, Metacafe, Stupid Videos support FLV (Flash Video). We can infer that FLV has become the mainstream of the current video file format. So I decided to convert my PowerPoint presentation to FLV.

How to convert PPT to FLV? Before converting, sufficient preparation will help me to save my time. At first, I download a PPT to FLV converter and install it on my computer. After that I begin to convert. It takes four steps.

Step 1 Import the PPT
Click “Add” to import a local PPT.

Import PPT

Step 2 Choose output format
Click “profile” and choose an output format in the drop-down list. Here I choose “FLV-FLASH H.264 Video Format” . Click “Settings” I can also set other parameters such as “Video Size” , “Quality” , “Bit Rate” etc.

Choose output format

Step 3 Choose storage path
Click “Output” drop-down list to Choose storage path for the output flash video.

Step 4 Start converting
Click the icon of “Start” to start converting!. Several seconds are all it takes.

After conversion, I can enjoy the “PPT” on my computer. And I can also share it on YouTube as well as other online video sites with others.

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