How to Set a Background Picture in PowerPoint 2013

It is true that the nicely-designed templates in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 are eye-attracting but they can’t meet the demands of all users. For example, when making the PowerPoint for Valentine’s Day 2013, customized photos are more qualified than default templates in PowerPoint 2013 as background pictures. As a consequence, users will need the method to set a background picture in PowerPoint 2013. For PowerPoint 2010 users, they need to click here to learn the skill of making a photo the background picture of a slide. For PowerPoint 2013 users, similar tutorial will be provided below.

Background picture in PowerPoint

In fact, learning the steps to set a background picture in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is of practical benefits. When one wants to insert two photos into one slide, the best way for him is to use one of the two photos as the background of the slide. What’s more, setting photos as customized background pictures in PowerPoint can always enhance the effects of the presentation and make it more convincing. Moreover, PowerPoint 2013 enables users to set a photo as the slide background with simple operations.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation and then get to the slide which needs customized background. If one desires to set a photo as the background picture for multiple slides, he needs to hold “Crtl” button in keyboard and select all those slides. Then choose “DESIGN” tab and then click “Format Background” button in the panel.

Background picture in PowerPoint 2013: Format background

Step 2: Then Format Background panel will show in the right part of the PowerPoint next to the slide, click “Fill” icon, check “Picture of texture fill” box and then click “File…” button to enter into Insert Picture panel. After choosing the photo in the panel, click “Insert” button to import local photo. “Clipboard” button is used to set the photo one has just copied as slide background and “Online” icon is for setting web-based photos as slide background. To set a photo as the background picture for all slides, simply click “Apply to All” button.

Background picture in PowerPoint 2013: Add background photo

Step 3: Click “Picture” icon in the same row of “Fill” icon and then customize the color of the picture with the option provided in the “PICTURE COLOR” section. For example, “Recolor” option can be used to change the color of the inserted background picture. When it is done, one has finished the process of setting a background picture in PowerPoint 2013.

Background picture in PowerPoint 2013: Change background color


1. After clicking “Effect” icon lying between “Fill” icon and “Picture” icon, one is allowed to add artistic effects to the slide background with options like “Transparency” and “Pencil Size”.

2. To set an image in a slide as the background picture of the slide, save it to the computer at first and then import it from the computer according to the procedure mentioned above.

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