How to send a PowerPoint presentation for review

Applies to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

Before sending a PowerPoint presentation for review, you need to either include all linked files in your e-mail message, share folder, or disk, or embed the linked files in the presentation.
1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to send for review.
2. Do one of the following:

Send for review using Microsoft Outlook
1. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (for Review).
2. In the To and Cc boxes, enter the e-mail addresses of your reviewers, and then click the Send icon.

If you want to add a deadline or reminder to the e-mail message, click the Follow Up icon, and then select the options you want.
Send for review using other e-mail programs, a network server, or disks

3. On the File menu, click Save As.

4. In the File name box, rename the presentation so that it indicates which reviewer you want to review this copy, and in the Save as type box, select Presentation for Review, and then click Save.

5. Do one of the following:

If you want to use other e-mail programs to send your presentation for review, save all the reviewer files to a folder on your computer, and then send each reviewer copy of the presentation to the respective reviewer using your e-mail program’s procedure for sending an attachment in e-mail.

If you want to use a network server to send your presentation for review, save all of the reviewer copies of the presentation to a share folder on a local network server. Then, to avoid two reviewers changing the same copy of your presentation, notify your reviewers to review only the copy of the presentation that you have designated for them to review.

If you want to use disks to send your presentation for review, save each reviewer copy of the presentation to a disk, and then distribute the disks to the respective reviewers.

Apart from above, you can also burn the presentation for review onto a DVD disc or convert to video using Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. This will help prevent the PowerPoint version hell to the most.

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