How to Seamlessly Switch from One PowerPoint Presentation to Another

Suppose that you are the host of a conference that many people are going to give PowerPoint presentations. Usually after the first presenter finished and the second presenter will get busy to find his PowerPoint file on the computer before he can start. At that time, the audience starts to lose patience and talk among themselves.

Question: What can you do in order to switch from one PowerPoint presentation to another seamlessly without losing audience’s attention?

Yes, you can make it this way. The simplest way is to create an invisible hyperlink between the two PowerPoint presentations.

Preparations: Create a new folder and copy all PowerPoint presentations and any linked files (music, video clips, and documents) into that folder.

Step 1: Add a new slide to the end of the first PowerPoint presentation. The new slide will automatically apply the template of the presentation. So we will need to change the slide color to pure black so that it looks like the presentation really ends.

Step 2: From “Insert” > “Shapes”, draw a rectangle to cover the whole slide.

Insert Rectangle

Step 3: Right click on the rectangle and choose “Format Shape…”.

Step 4: In the “Format Shape” dialog box, select “Fill” > “Solid Fill”. Choose black from the “Color” drop down selections.

Format Shape

Step 5: Right click on the rectangle again and choose “Hyperlink”. In the “Link to:” section on the left side of the dialog box, choose “Existing File or Web Page” and locate the second PowerPoint presentation file.


Now when the second presenter clicks on the last slide, his PowerPoint presentation will open in slide show view immediately.

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