How to Print Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Presenters sometimes have to print slides in their PowerPoint presentations as handout for the attendants. This post focuses on the step-by-step procedure of printing a 2007 PowerPoint presentation.

Print slides in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation

Step 1 Set your ideal slide size and orientation for printing
Before printing a presentation, you’d better check the default settings of slide size and orientation. If it requires a modification, then change the existing printing options as below:

I.Open the presentation. On the Design tab, in the Page Setup group, click Page Setup. The Page Setup interface appears.

PowerPoint 2007 Page Setup

II. In the Slides sized for list, select the size of paper on which you will be printing.
* If you click Custom, type or select the measurements that you want in the Width and Height boxes.
* To print an overhead transparency, select the Overhead option.

III. To set the page orientation for the slides, under Orientation -> Slides, click Landscape or Portrait. By default, PowerPoint slide layouts appear in landscape orientation. Although you can use only one orientation (either landscape or portrait) in a presentation, you can link two presentations to display both portrait and landscape slides in what appears to be one presentation.

Step 2 Print the slides in the PowerPoint presentation

a. Go to the Office Button -> Print.

PowerPoint 2007 Print tab
In the prompt-up Print dialog box, under Print range, do one of the following:

PowerPoint 2007 Print Dialog Box
* To print all slides, click All.
* To print the slide that is currently displayed, click Current slide.
* To print one or more slides that you selected, click Selection.
* To print specific slide numbers, click Slides, and then enter the slide numbers or ranges in the adjoining box.

b. Under Copies, enter the number of copies that you want.

c. Under Print What, select Slides.

d. Under Color/Grayscale, click one of the following:

* Color: If you print to a color printer, this option prints in color.

* Color (On Black and White Printer): If you print to a black-and-white printer, this option prints in grayscale.

* Grayscale: This option prints images that contain variations of gray tones between black and white. Background fills are printed as white, so that the text will be more legible. (Sometimes grayscale appears the same as Pure Black and White.)

* Pure Black and White: This option prints the handout with no gray fills.

e. To increase resolution, blend transparent graphics, and print soft shadows in your print job, select the High quality check box.

Tip – When you print in high quality, it may take longer for your presentation to print. To prevent a possible decrease in your computer’s performance, clear the High quality check box after you finish printing.

f. To print your slides on the paper that you selected for your printer, select the Scale to fit paper check box.

g. To print a thin border around your slides, select the Frame slides check box.

h. Finally, click Print to start printing your selected slides.

To reset the print options and keep them as new default settings, do the following:

1. Set the settings as you want them in the Print dialog box.

2. Go the Office Button -> PowerPoint Options -> Advanced.

3. Under When printing this document, click Use the most recently used print settings.

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