How to Password Protect a PowerPoint 2003/2007 Presentation

Applies to PowerPoint 2003, 2007

You don’t want anyone else to edit or modify your PowerPoint presentation, aha? Easy. Go and set a password to your very work now. Microsoft PowerPoint has "Password" feature that allows you to have more control on your presentation and the visitors even when you are not there. Here I will cover 2 major situations, enabling password protection in both PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

Part 1 Password Protect a Presentation in PowerPoint 2003

Two password options are available for your PowerPoint 2003 presentation. One is Password to Open, a security feature that lets you control who has access to the presentation; the other is Password to Modify, applied when you allow others to see the presentation but prevent them from changing the presentation without your specified password. You can choose to apply either of these two password protection options, or both to your presentation.

  • 1. To set a password to your PowerPoint 2003 presentation, select Tools -> Options from the menu.
    2. Choose the Security tab at the top of the dialog box.
    3. To prevent unauthorized modification, type in a password under "Password to modify", then select OK.
    4. Enter a password. Re-enter your password to confirm. Select OK.
    5. Go to File -> Save and close PowerPoint.
  • The "Password to modify" will allow anyone to open a "read-only" copy of your presentation. This means no one can make any changes to your documentation unless they know the password.

    Note: You can go the extra step and require that people enter a password to OPEN the document. Simply enter a password under the "Password to confirm" dialog box. Also remember to inform those who have access to your document to select "Open read only" when they open your document to prevent confusion.

    Part 2 Password Protect a Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

    Though a bit different, setting password protection in PowerPoint 2007 is no less difficult than in earlier versions like 2003. The only difference is to find the "Tools" option in PowerPoint 2007.

  • 1. Click the "Office" button in the top left of your PowerPoint file. Choose Save As to enter the Save As dialogue box.
    2. In the bottom left of the Save As dialog box, click on the Tools -> General Options.
    3. Now perform the same as from Step 3 in Part 1. Enter passwords for either or both of the two password options, Password to Open and Password to Modify.
  • IMPORTANT: You’d better copy the password(s) to a notebook, a text pad or elsewhere in case that you forget it (them) and cannot get back into your own presentation.

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