How to Organize Your Presentation with Sections in PowerPoint 2010

Usually we are told to make a PowerPoint presentation short and concise and it’s better to be no more than 20 slides. But in real life, the PowerPoint could be very long with more than 100 slides sometimes. If you are the presenter of this extremely long PowerPoint presentation, you get a really tough work to do.

To present this huge amount of information to the audiences clearly, you cannot just read one by one. Besides, it is very likely you may get lost between the slides! The slide titles and numbers start blurring together, and navigating through the presentation becomes impossible. You simply lose track of where you are! How to keep the slides organized?

Organize Your Presentation with Sections in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010, you can use the new Sections feature to organize your slides. You can use named sections to keep track of groups of slides, or outline the topics in your presentation.

Let’s see how to create Sections in PowerPoint 2010. Open your PowerPoint 2010, and find the Sections function under Home tab > Slides section. The “Delete” in PowerPoint 2007 has been replaced with “Sections” in PowerPoint 2010:

Sections in PowerPoint 2010 -1

Add a section by clicking Add Section in the ribbon, and a section label appears above the current slide:

Sections in PowerPoint 2010 -2

You can also right click on the slide to add section:

Sections in PowerPoint 2010 -3

Right click the section label and select Rename Section. Simply type a name for the section and it’s done! You can drag-and-drop sections, apply themes to a section, print a section, or go to a section during slide show.

Sections in PowerPoint 2010 -4

Of course, you can create multiple sections for your PowerPoint presentation. Right click the section label and Collapse All to fold all the slides like below, easier for you to take an overview of all the slide sections.

Sections in PowerPoint 2010 -5

You can expand only one section to focus your attention and not worry about the other 100+ slides.

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