How to Make Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift Using PowerPoint

Christmas is approaching. It is a time for family reunion and friends getting together. Do you have any ideas on what Christmas gifts to send to your family and friends? If you don’t, make a Christmas DVD slideshow with your photos and homemade videos as Christmas gift to strike a chord with everyone.

To make Christmas DVD slideshow as Christmas gift is an innovative way to send wishes to your family and friends, who can view it on TV and share the Christmas blessings with you. This article will show you how to make a lively Christmas DVD slideshow effortlessly with PowerPoint and PPT to DVD burner.

Get prepared:

1. Select the best photos from your storage. You should have taken lots of photos in the past years which are lying silently in your memory card. Select the best of them and copy to a certain folder on your computer. Arrange the order and rename them like “photo-1, photo-2, … , photo-x”.

2. Get some Christmas songs. Get into Christmas mood by adding some Christmas songs as PowerPoint background music.

3. Save your personal video on computer. Adding a few pieces of your personal videos will be lovely. Transfer the videos from your camera to computer. If the video format is not supported by PowerPoint, you can use video converter to save it to AVI or WMV.

4. Prepare Christmas PowerPoint templates. Use the ready-made Christmas PowerPoint templates to create Christmas atmospheres and strengthen the theme. Get Free Christmas PowerPoint templates here.

Make Christmas PowerPoint Slideshow:

1. Launch PowerPoint, and apply the PowerPoint template by clicking “Design” → “Themes” group → “Browse for Themes”.

Make Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift-1

2. Import all the photos to PowerPoint at one time with one photo on one slide in order. Click “Insert” → “Photo Album” → select all the photos from the folder.

Make Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift-2

3. Add PowerPoint background music. Click “Insert” → “Audio” → “Audio from File” → select your prepared Christmas songs. Then set it start automatically and play across multiple slides as background music. Guides: for PowerPoint 2010; for PowerPoint 2007 & 2003.

4. Insert your video. Click “Insert” → “Video” → “Video from File” → choose your homemade video. Remember to set the video start to play automatically. Select the video, and click “Playback” tab on the ribbon, set it “Start Automatically” in the “Video Options” group.

Make Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift-3

5. Add dynamic effects. You can add some dynamic effects like animations, transitions to make your Christmas PowerPoint slideshow more vivid.

Burn Christmas PowerPoint Slideshow to DVD:

The final step of making the Christmas DVD slideshow is burn PowerPoint to DVD so that the receiver can view it on TV using DVD player. Moyea PPT to DVD Burner is one of the best solutions to burn PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, etc. to standard DVD/Blu-ray Disc while keeping all the original PowerPoint elements and effects intact.

Make Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift-4

Send Christmas DVD Slideshow as Gift:

Delicately package the Christmas DVD slideshow and send to your family and friends as Christmas gift. They must be very happy to receive your home made Christmas DVD.

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