How to Make an Electronic Photo Album by PowerPoint 2010

Posted By Abby on October 23, 2012
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Today is the age of science and technology, it is common for digital products upgrade continuously, especially for the mobile phones. In this case, most mobile phones provide the function of taking photos, which contributes much to the fact that people these days are more and more like to take photos either for themselves or for others. So it is not necessary for people to develop all the electronic photos. For this reason, we need an electronic photo album to store all the electronic photos.

Besides, there are 3 benefits for making an electronic photo album. First, we can save much money because we do not need to pay for developing all the electronic photos. Second, it is more convenient for us to keep an electronic photo album because we do not worry about that the photos will be damaged by water, fire or some other things. Third, with an electronic photo album we can share our day-to-day life with our friends or families on the internet easily beyond the restriction of time and space.

Since making an electronic photo album has so many benefits, I would like to introduce a method to create a wonderful electronic photo album with Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Below is the step-by-step instruction, hope it is useful to you!

Step 1 Create a Blank Presentation

Launch PowerPoint 2010 and click “Home” >”New Slide” to create a blank presentation.

Step 2 Insert Photos

Click “Insert” >” Photo Album” >”New Photo Album” to create a photo album and click “File/Disk” in the resulting dialog box to choose photos you want to import.

 Insert Photos

Step 3 Create a Photo Album

In this step, you are allowed to set album layout including “Picture layout” and “Frame shape”. Click the drop down button of the “Picture layout” option and choose “two pictures” and then click the drop down button of the “Frame shape” option and choose “Rounded Rectangle” . At last click “Create” to create a Photo Album.

Create a Photo Album

Step 4 Choose a Name for the Photo Album

Write the name and creator of the photo album in the photo album. And you can also change the font and font size of the words.

Choose a Name for the Photo Album

Step 5 Save the Electronic Photo Album

Click “File” >”Save As” to save the photo album as PowerPoint show file. Then you have created your unique electronic photo album and you are free to view your photos at any time.

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