How to Make an Animation Play on a Continuous Loop

Posted By Abby on October 17, 2012
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Micro Office PowerPoint now is becoming the dominant and fable tool to make presentation. It allows speakers to add various kinds of effects to make their PowerPoint more attractive and interesting. Those effects include pictures, audios, videos, animations and so on. Among them animation are especially useful. However, as we know, by default, the animation in the PowerPoint allow to play once, but sometimes we really need to make it play on a continuous loop or control the play time precisely. How can we make it?

Actually it is as simple as make a still picture spinning around all the time. Let me take the big pinwheel picture as an example to introduce the method to you clearly. It takes several steps.

Step 1 Find Out a Picture

At first, you should find out a suitable picture on the Internet. Here I choose a big pinwheel picture.

Step 2 Remove Background

You know, most of the pictures download from the Internet have a background. So in this step, you are required to deal with the background of the picture. Save the picture as png or gif format, then you can remove the background in the PowerPoint. Select the picture and you can see the “Format” tab in the functional area. Click the “Format” tab and select “Remove Background” option to remove the background of the picture.

Remove Background

Step 3 Add Animation Effect

Click “Animations”>”Add Animation”>“More Emphasis Effects” and you can see a dialog box. Choose the “Spin” option to add animation effect to the picture.

Add Animation Effect1

Add Animation Effect2

Step 4 Set Play Time

Click “Animation Pan” and choose “Timing” option in the drop down list of “Animation Pan” and then you can see a dialog box. Set “Repeat” as “Until End of Slide” in the “Timing” option. And at last click “Ok” button to make the picture be spinning around all the time.

Set Play Time1

Set Play Time2

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