How to Make a PowerPoint Resume & Win the Job Hunting Battle

Posted By Dupont on June 30, 2011
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If we say the college entrance exam is like “walking on the single wood”, then the job hunting must be called “walking on the rope”! Every year millions of college graduates went out of campus and entered the job market. All of them are full of hope and expectations at first. But sooner or later (very soon) they will learn the most real lesson of their lives. 3 years after the mass economic crisis of 2008 and the global economy seems to recover to some extent last year. However, the year 2011 is destined to be special (disastrous and tragedic). The economy retrogress in Europe or revolution in Middle East has become such a great problem that it not only tests the wisdom of the politicians but also affects the bread and butter of ordinary people.

When walking on the rope, only the bravest could win. While on the other hand only the wisest could laugh to the last in the job hunting battlefield. And an attractive resume can work as the brick to break through the door to success. To compete in a hot position, you must be MORE confident and skilled than other candidates, but the most important is that you must make your resume stand out of crowd first for your resume serves as the first impression to your potential employers.

Almost every employer requires traditional CVs which are in Word or PDF format, but PowerPoint resumes are increasing in popularity and can make you stand out of the crowd and get the job.

How to Make a PowerPoint Resume:

  • 1. Open up PowerPoint and make a slide show to introduce yourself. In general you’ll want to include what’s on your traditional resume such as education background, work experiences, skills and hobbies. While using PowerPoint you can combine your resume with pleasant music, elegant images, intuitive charts and vivid animations to make a dynamic PowerPoint resume. If you’d like to feature your resume entirely as a PowerPoint presentation, you can stop here and save it.
  • 2. Add your own voice narration will make your PowerPoint resume even better. Simply click the “Slide Show” tab and then click “rehearse timings”. Carefully give yourself enough time to explain each slide before switching to the next. You can then view a preview and your show will automatically move from slide to slide with the timings you set earlier.
  • 3. Save the PowerPoint resume as video and then you can upload it to YouTube, Jobster, your website or blog and anywhere else. Use conversion program like Moyea PPT to Video Converter to directly convert PPT to video while preserving all the fonts, languages, slide transitions, animations, video clips, music and animated images of the original PowerPoint resume.


Before submitting your PowerPoint resume to a recruiter, please remember:

  • 1. Make sure a PowerPoint resume is accepted. For some target recruiters may only accept traditional resumes.
  • 2. The video length (if you have saved the PowerPoint resume as video) should be 1 to 3 minutes to avoid fatiguing your audiences.
  • 3. You can even burn the PowerPoint resume to DVD or Blu-ray Disc and then send to the employer if the work really means much to you.


Software for converting PowerPoint resume to Video: Moyea PPT to Video Converter; Leawo PowerPoint to Video.

Software for burning PowerPoint resume to DVD or Blu-ray Disc: Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro; Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro.

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