How to Make a Micro Movie from PowerPoint

Posted By Abby on October 17, 2012
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Nowadays the network technology develops very rapidly, more and more people keep in touch with each other through the Internet. It is not so difficult to understand. You know these days various kinds of smartphones and tablets like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S3 are full of our life. These electronic products are not only enables people to talk with each other but also allows them to send messages, take photos, record videos. With them people can effortlessly share their daily life with their friends and families everywhere and every time. They are quite enjoying themselves.

So we can see that people at this age is pleased to share their life with others because it is one of the primary forms of communication. They especially love to share videos recording their life on the online video sites. But sometimes it is absolutely difficult for people to share such thing as PowerPoint on the online video site with others. It is really depressing. Despite of the difficulty I always believe there is a solution behind every problem. It is definitely right. I find the solution and it is my pleasure to tell all of you.

We know that the online video site allows us to share various kinds of videos except for PowerPoint. Though we can also share PowerPoint on other web sites but in that case less people can reach it. So to make it possible for us to share PowerPoint on online video sites, we can make a micro movie from PowerPoint. Then there will be more people can reach it.

To make a micro movie from PowerPoint, you should download a PowerPoint to movie converter and install it on the computer. After that there are three steps to finish the conversion.

Step 1 Import a local PowerPoint

Click the “Add” button to import a local PowerPoint and soon you will see the following picture. If you want to remove the PowerPoint, you just click the “Clear” button or right click and choose the “Clear” option.

import PPT to a PPT video converter

Step 2 Choose output format
Click “profile” and choose an output format in the drop-down list. Here I choose “FLV-FLASH H.264 Video Format” . Click “Settings” I can also set other parameters such as “Video Size” , “Quality” , “Bit Rate” etc.

Choose output format

Step 3 Start converting

Once all the parameters have been set, click the “Start”button to start converting. After conversion your micro movie is produced and you can share it on any online video sites.
PPT to video

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