How to Make a Composite Picture in PowerPoint

Posted By Abby on October 30, 2012
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Even though at most times PowerPoint is used by people to make presentation, it is far more than a tool of presentation. Actually, if you are willing to think, you will find that PowerPoint has many potential applications, for example, making a composite picture.

Maybe some professionals prefer to choose Photoshop to edit pictures when there is a need, but as an ordinary people, PowerPoint is quite qualified for the work. Then, here perhaps somebody will ask why we’d better to choose PowerPoint rather than Photoshop. Of course, first one thing we should admit is that Photoshop is a world-class picture editor, but just because its profession it is too difficult for ordinary people to handle it. Different from it, from the picture editing perspective, PowerPoint is not as professional as Photoshop so that ordinary people can handle it easily.

In view of the mentioned reason, I think PowerPoint is a better choice for ordinary people when they need to edit pictures. I usually encounter such a situation where I need a picture but failed to find out a perfect on the Internet even after my hard work, and then I have to make a composite picture by myself by using PowerPoint which really does me great favor. So today, I want to share the wonderful method with you.

Step 1 Crop Pictures

As we already know, pictures downloaded from the Internet always come with its unique logo, so first you are required to crop the pictures to remove the parts you do not need. Here you can select the picture and click “Format” > “Crop” to finish the operation.

Step 2 Remove Backgrounds of Pictures

Usually, when you insert a picture into the PowerPoint, it will show its background. To make the output pictures look more natural, you have to remove backgrounds of pictures. In this step you can select the picture and click “Format” > “Remove Background” to make it. And you can also reposition the pictures as needed.

Step 3 Composite Pictures

After finishing the above two steps, you can start to composite all the pictures. Select all the pictures you want to composite at the same time and then right click to choose “Group” > “Group” to composite all the pictures.

The following is the final picture and it is very beautiful, isn’t it? Following the above guide, you can create much more beautiful pictures by yourself. It is really fantastic! Finally, hope you good luck!

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