How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint 2013 Slides

If you are careful enough, you will probably discover the important role PDF plays in the daily life. The ability of PDF to store large information in limited storage space has turned it a favored eBook format and its power to secure original text makes PDF file widely employed as enterprise notice. In fact, the content and data in a PDF file sometimes can be helpful to make your PowerPoint presentation convincing. However, failing to find out ways to insert PDF into PowerPoint, presenters have to type the contents or data in the PDF into PowerPoint slide word-by-word. Therefore, this post will cover on the methods to allow users insert PDF into PowerPoint slides. For adding PDF into PowerPoint 2010, please click here; for inserting PDF into PowerPoint 2013 slides, please referring to the following methods.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013

Method I: Insert the entire PDF into PowerPoint 2013 slide

PowerPoint 2013 allows you to insert PDF into slides directly on the premise that you have installed Adobe Reader beforehand. The installation of Adobe Reader will provide PowerPoint 2013 a powerful plugin for PDF. However, one thing to notice is that you shall install the latest version of Adobe Reader because the old version may cease to provide such PowerPoint plugin. Of course, a good advantage of this method is that the insertion of PDF into PowerPoint 2013 slides offers you a panaromatic view of the contents in the PDF file.

Step 1: After installing Adobe Reader, open the PowerPoint presentation, click “INSERT” tab and choose “Object” icon in the section of “Text”.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: Object option

Step 2: In the panel named “Insert Object”, check “Create New” box, confirm if “Adobe Acorbat Security Settings Document” option is listed in “Object type”. If so, check “Create from file”; if not, try to reinstall Adobe Reader or download the latest Adobe Reader.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: Check plugin

Step 3: Then click “Browser…” button, choose the PDF file from the local disk and click “Open” button to insert the PDF file into the PowerPoint 2013 slide.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: Insert PDF

Step 4: Fix the size of the PDF file to make it go match with the PowerPoint presentation.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: Fix PDF size

Method II: Insert part of PDF file into PowerPoint 2013

However, in some cases you may just need to use just one page of the multiple-page PDF file. Therefore, inserting the entire PDF file into PowerPoint 2013 slide seems to be quite unnecessary. Can you insert the selected page of the PDF file into PowerPoint 2013? Yes, a feasible method to manage it is to convert the chosen PDF pages to image files with PowerPoint 2013. After that, the insertion of PDF into PowerPoint 2013 slides will be an easy task.

Step 1: Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader and then open the PowerPoint presentation. Choose “Insert” tab and click “Screenshot” icon in the section of “Image”.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: Screenshot option

Step 2: Later you can preview all the available windows for capturing. Since the option can only capture the opening window in the screen, make sure you have get the PDF file to the desired page in Adobe Reader. Then snap the Adobe Reader window. Of course, you can also choose to use “Screen Clipping” option to capture the image manually.

PDF to PowerPoint 2013: PDF to image

Step 3: When the desired pages of the PDF file are captured, they will be inserted into PowerPoint 2013 slide automatically.

Those are the common methods for you to insert PDF file into PowerPoint slide with PowerPoint 2013. Of course, if you want to manage the insertion process with much simpler operations, you can give a second thought to professional PDF to PowerPoint converter.

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