How to Insert iTunes Music into PowerPoint Presentation

Add music, add a mood to your PowerPoint presentation. You wanna use a song from iTunes store as background music of the PowerPoint file? Oops, there is a format problem. PowerPoint doesn’t accept iTunes music, which is encoded in M4P. You need to make a format alternation before inserting the iTunes sound into your presentation.

Here I will discuss in 2 sections how to convert iTunes music to a PowerPoint-supported audio format, and how to import the converted iTunes sound to PowerPoint.

Section 1 Convert iTunes Music to PowerPoint compatible audio (e.g. MP3)

Mentioning this issue, we should know which sound formats are compatible with PowerPoint.

Audio file formats compatible with PowerPoint 2003/2007 include: AIFF, AU, MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA

Among the sound formats above, MP3 is the most familiar to us, with its small size and good sound quality. So to convert iTunes music to PowerPoint compatible format often means to realize the conversion from M4P to MP3.

Generally, you can try these two ways to convert an iTunes track to MP3 audio format.

Method 1 Burn and Rip the iTunes music to MP3 for PowerPoint

  • In the iTunes store, select the track that you want to use in your PowerPoint presentation. Then burn it to an empty CD disk.
  • Open the disk with Windows Media Player, and rip music from the CD into a *.wma format. Right click on the track and choose to send to Windows Audio Converter. There you can choose the format as MP3 and save it to a folder.
  • Method 2 Convert iTunes to MP3 with Third-party Audio Converter

    You can also use a third-party audio conversion tool to convert iTunes to MP3.

    iTunes to MP3 Conversion software include: TUNEBITE Platinum, SoundTaxi Converter, 5star freeTunes, and AppleMacSoft DRM Converter for Mac

    Choose one that fits to your system, and convert the iTunes M4P to PowerPoint-ready MP3.

    Note: iTunes music files (M4P – "protected AAC") have DRM protection which prevent users from converting it to other formats or adding iTunes songs to PowerPoint presentation directly. To insert iTunes music to PowerPoint slide show as background music, you will need to remove DRM protection from iTunes Music and convert iTunes to MP3 for PowerPoint first.

    Section 2 Import converted iTunes music to your PowerPoint presentation

    Now, it’s time to insert the iTunes MP3 sound to your PowerPoint presentation. Follow these steps:

  • a. Go to the slide where you want to add the iTunes MP3 sound. Select Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from File to insert the sound file from your local drive. Click OK.
  • b. Then you will see a message pop up asking how you want the sound to start in slide shows. Click Automatically.
  • For more about adding a MP3 file to PowerPoint, see in How to Set Background Music for PowerPoint

    To play the iTunes music across all the slides, explore in How to Play a Sound across Multiple Slides in PowerPoint

    To extract an iTunes MP3 sound from PowerPoint, take the audio video mix Moyea PPT to Video Converter

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