How to Find Appropriate Pictures for Your PowerPoint

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, the message is important. Text is one way to convey your message, picture is the other. It is visionary, easy to read and understand. Many times use a picture could save you a lot of words. PowerPoint is a great presentation program because it lets you to easily add digital pictures in PowerPoint slides, and offers rich range of animations to show your pictures.

The real challenge is that how do you find appropriate pictures for your PowerPoint presentation. In some cases, you may know what you are looking for, for example, you might want a photo of iPhone. It is specific and you should find the iPhone pictures very easily. But sometimes, you don’t know the subject of the pictures. So the following tips would help you.

Picture format:

Basically there are 3 main picture formats that are widely used: JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

  • JPEG – A commonly used method of lossy compression for digital photography. It takes advantage of the many colors and color-gradations. Most photographs are saved in this file, and this is the image type that your digital camera produces.
  • GIF – It’s optimized for graphics with few colors and little color change. This format is used a lot in webpage design. An advantage of GIF is it can be used for small animations and low-resolution film clips.
  • PNG – A bitmapped image format with lossless data compression. PNG was designed for transferring images on the Internet, not for professional-quality print graphics. The file size of PNG is usually much smaller than JPEG so it is widely use as thumbnail on web pages.

How to find pictures online for PowerPoint?

1. Try various keywords when you search.

When you’re searching for a picture about a certain subject, you should try different synonyms of the word, specific types/categories of the word or related words. For most of the pictures are marked by a certain category or keyword on web pages, if you didn’t use the right keyword in your search, you may not get the right results.

2. Let advanced search filters to help you.

You can find the advanced search filters on search engines (e. g. Google Images) or pictures stock sites (e. g. Flickr). They offered a variety of useful search filters so that you can better target your searches. For example, on Googel Images you can choose the type, sort by relevance, size, color, standard view and time, etc. This could help you to find the pictures to your specific needs much faster.

3. Take full advantage of useful site features.

Many web sites offer useful features to help you find your favorite pictures quickly. For example, on Google Images, you can upload a picture or enter the URL to find the similar pictures. This is extremely useful when you want different size of this picture, a different color or one without logo. Another useful search feature is the ability to expand the number of images per page. Seeing more images at a time can speed up your searching. Finally, every site is going to have unique features, you need to try and get used to them.

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