How to Extract a Sound/Audio File from PowerPoint Slideshow

You got a PowerPoint slideshow embedded with a cool piece of music. You want to extract the sound out of the PowerPoint file so that you can keep it single and for reuse elsewhere. How to make it with ease? Here follows 2 solutions to audio extracting from a PowerPoint slideshow, one general, one specific.

* General: Export PowerPoint to HTML to Extract Embedded Sound Files
* Specific: Extract and Convert PowerPoint Sounds with a Moyea PPT Converter

Let’s look at the general method first.

Solution 1: Export PowerPoint to HTML to Extract Embedded Sound Files

Applies to: PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003 and earlier

A common practice for extracting an embedded sound in a slideshow is to export PowerPoint to Web Page (HTM, HTML). This will generate a new folder including the sound file and other parts of the PowerPoint slideshow in separate. Then you can take out the music file and relocate it wherever you prefer. Now read on for the details:

  • 1. Open the PowerPoint program installed on your PC, by following the Start menu -> Program -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007/97-2003.
    Note – Do not double click on the file icon of the slideshow to open it, for PowerPoint show (often in *.pps, *.ppsx) is read-only and not editable.
  • 2. Search for the slideshow file you want extract a sound. In PowerPoint 2007, go to the Office button -> Open to load it. The slideshow file is displayed as presentation.
  • 3. Click File (or the Office button in PowerPoint 2007) -> Save As… -> Other Formats. The Save As interface pops up.
  • 4. In the Save as Type: drop down, select Web Page (*.htm; *.html).
    save pps to html to extract sound from powerpoin
    The file extension changes accordingly to .htm in the File Name field. For example, if your slideshow name is "Happy New Year 2010", the file extension will change from "Happy New Year 2010.pps" to "Happy New Year 2010.htm".
  • 5. Click Save.
  • 6. A few seconds later, a new file with .htm extension, e.g. "Happy New Year 2010.htm", along with a new folder, e.g. "Happy New Year 2010_files", is generated. The folder contains all the embedded objects in your original slideshow.
  • 7. Open the new folder. All the sound files are listed there. You can a sound file or more and relocate wherever you like.
  • To get embedded sounds out of a slideshow, exporting PowerPoint to HTML is the general solution. What if you want to transform the sound from WAV to MP3? Here comes the specific solution:

    Solution 2: Extract and Convert PowerPoint Sounds with a Moyea PPT Converter

    Moyea products like PPT to DVD Burner or PPT to Video Converter, can also help you extract embedded sounds from PowerPoint. And there’s a plus – outputting the PowerPoint sound to 13 popular audio formats, e.g. AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, M4A, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, AU, WAV, WMA, MKA. Something like an audio converter. That is the specific method as mentioned in the first paragraph.

    Here I would like to introduce how to extract and convert a slideshow sound with Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a versatile tool for PowerPoint to video and audio conversion.

    1. Add in your PowerPoint show file embedded with a sound.
    Download and run Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Click Add to include the slideshow file from which you want to extract a sound.

    2. Extract and convert PowerPoint audio objects.

  • a. Select output audio format
    Go to the Profile dropdown, from Common audio, select an audio output format for the slideshow. 13 popular audio formats are available.
  • extract and convert powerpoint audio/sounds

  • b. Choose a quality standard for the output sound.
    In the Audio Quality dropdown list, choose a favorable quality standard for your sound from Low, Medium and High.
  • c. Make advanced settings for the audio output.
    To make custom settings for your slideshow audio, on the right of the Profile dropdown, click the Settings button. In the popup Profile interface, you can adjust the quality, bit rate, sample rate and channels for the current audio file. Click OK to save your changes.
  • d. Start conversion
    OK, go back to the main interface and click the big Start button to start extracting and converting the PowerPoint sound.
  • In minutes, you will get a separated audio file from the PowerPoint slideshow. Then, you can enjoy it on a media player on your desktop, or hook it to a portable device like iPhone for listening on road.

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