How to Edit PowerPoint Slide during Presentation without Audience’s Notice



During the PowerPoint presentation, I found that I need to do some amendment on the PowerPoint slides. Is there a way that I can “freeze” the image on screen and I can edit the PowerPoint slide on computer secretly?


This is different from one previous article about write annotations during PowerPoint presentation. The author doesn’t want the audience to notice that the PowerPoint is being edited. Below are two methods that may help you to edit PowerPoint slide during presentation secretly.

I. Slideshow projectors

The slideshow projectors may have such a freeze function, like a button when you press it, the projector will simply show the last screen regardless of the video input from the computer later. Besides common slideshow projectors, there are also Pico Projectors which can project the content to any surface with a handheld size.

II. PowerPoint presenter view

Presenter View is a great function for PowerPoint presenters. Presenters can view PowerPoint with notes on presenter computer, and while the audience will view normal slideshow on other display (like projected screen). Below we will show you how to use Presenter View option in PowerPoint 2010, so that you can edit PowerPoint without audience’s notice.

Step 1: Open your presentation file in PowerPoint 2010. Click on Slide Show tab and check the Use Presenter View option.


Then it will check whether your computer support multiple monitors, click Check and continue.


Step 2: If you have connected a second display, you can see the 2 monitors in the Display settings window.


Now you need to extend displays, so choose Extend these displays option from Multiple displays drop-down list and hit the Apply button.


Hit the Keep changes button and close the pop up window.


Step 3: Click F5 to run the PowerPoint slideshow. Now you will see the presentation view on your computer screen like this, with slide view and additional notes, slide thumbnails, timings.


Now you can edit your PowerPoint slides on your computer during the presentation.

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