How to Download YouTube Video for Free

It is no doubt that YouTube is currently the most popular video-sharing website all over the world. Every day, millions of people are uploading their video content to share with more people on YouTube. Most of them are individuals, and there are also media corporations like CBS, BBC, VEVO, Hulu, etc. to publish their news or many singers publish their MVs of hit songs.

On the other hand, much more people are viewers who follow some of their favorite channels or just enjoying the YouTube videos every day. Have you ever get this feeling that you want to keep this video because it is so awesome that you’re afraid that you cannot find it anymore? To be honest, this happens a lot. YouTube allows users to upload videos very easily, but doesn’t give a way to download YouTube videos, for all kinds of reasons. If you just like the YouTube video so much and want to save it for viewing in the future, the following methods to download YouTube video for free may help. No offense to YouTube and YouTube video authors, all the methods are coming from Internet.

1. Download YouTube video with KeepVid

KeepVid is an online application to help you analyze the real YouTube video link for you to click and download. Usually when you play the video on a YouTube page, you have only the YouTube webpage URL, which is useless. But paste the URL to KeepVid and click “Download” button, you will get the YouTube video in different formats and resolutions like below:


KeepVid need Java support so you should have installed Java on your computer and Java plugin for the browser first.

2. Download YouTube video with is another online application which has the same function as KeepVid. As I have tested with the same YouTube video, can also give us the real download link of different video formats and resolutions.

download-youtube-video-saveyoutube doesn’t need Java support, so in some extent, this online application is better. But KeepVid support more video-sharing websites like Google, Metacafe, Putfile and more, besides YouTube.

3. Download YouTube video with Firefox

Firefox is a widely used web browser, which is famous for the abundant of add-ons. The original Firefox has only the basic functions embedded. If there is any functions you need, just search and install add-ons. Back to the topic, to download YouTube video using Firefox, there are over 100 different add-ons, and here I will recommend two of them. These two add-ons can not only download YouTube videos but only video of almost any other websites.


Install this add-on to your Firefox, and then play the YouTube video. Once the video starts playing, the add-on can capture the real download link. Click on the icon and you will see the YouTube video in the list. Right click on it and you can choose the video format and resolution.



Almost the same with NetVideoHunter, get the download link once the YouTube video plays.


There is one difference: DownloadHelper can only download the current played video, but NetVideoHunter can keep all the video you have played in the download list.

4. Download YouTube video with Chrome

Google Chrome is the most fast growing web browser. It is released in 2008 and in the past years it has surpass Firefox to become the second most used browser only after IE. It is famous for its fast speed and simplicity. Also it has its own add-ons for users to add the functions they need. To download YouTube video using Chrome, you can use add-ons like Ultimate YouTube Downloader, Chrome YouTube Downloader and more. The picture below shows how Ultimate YouTube Downloader works:


5. Download YouTube video with software

You can also download YouTube videos using software like Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro, which can download YouTube videos fast without quality loss. Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro can also convert those downloaded videos to various formats to make them supported by your iPod, iPhone, etc.

The above methods to download YouTube video can be concluded as 3 ways: download YouTube video using online application, browser and software. And for each way, there are many options for you to choose, which we cannot list them all in this article. With those methods above, there won’t be a problem for you to download YouTube video for free anymore.

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