How to Create Your Own PowerPoint 2003 Templates

Microsoft is so hardworking on release new PowerPoint versions, after PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010, the Office 365 is already on the way. But there are still many people stick to PowerPoint 2003, which has been popular for so long a time that it is a bit difficult for users to change their habits.

To make a great PowerPoint presentation, you should be good at learning at the beginning. The most directly way is to adapt others’ PowerPoint templates. But it will be better if you can create your own unique PowerPoint templates.

Step 1

Open up PowerPoint 2003. Automatically you will have a new PowerPoint document with one slide.

Step 2

Now you can add a Background (either a color or an image).

Click Format -> Background, a popup window will show up.

  • Background color:

  • Click the button with a downward arrow, choose a color and click Apply, and all the PowerPoint slides will change to this color.

    Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 2-1

  • Background image:

  • Select the Fill Effects, in the popup window, click Picture tab, and select a picture from your computer. This picture will be your main background image.

    Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 2-2

Step 3

Now click again on the Insert -> Pictures and choose AutoShapes. You will have a ton of options from the dropdown menu. I went ahead and chose a rounded rectangle from the menu.

Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 3

Step 4

Draw the rounded rectangle onto the main slide.

Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 4

Step 5

Right click on the shape and choose Format AutoShape. You will see a popup window called Format AutoShape. From there you can choose almost any style you’d like, such as transparency, the line color and style, and the size of the corner radius.

Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 5

Step 6

Add another rounded shape for the title. Just repeat the previous steps, change colors and size. When right-clicking on the shape, you can send it to the back or to the front in the drop down menu.

Step 7

Click on the left hand side where all your slides will appear and when you right-click on, then you can copy the slide to apply for your presentation.

Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 7

Step 8

It is a simple and fast template. Finally, save your newly designed template by clicking File -> Save As -> and from the Save as type choose Design Template (*.pot).

Create Powerpoint 2003 Templates: Step 8

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