How to Create Invisible Buttons in PowerPoint 2007

Usually when we make a PowerPoint slideshow, we will start from the first slide to the last in order. Today we will learn a new method to create a PowerPoint for introducing something to audiences. Suppose you are going to introduce the 12 Chinese zodiac signs (12 animals) and you find a picture contains all the 12 animals.

Now using invisible buttons, we will make the picture as a menu or outline so that you can click on each animal and jump to the slide about that animal. Now let’s learn how to create invisible buttons in PowerPoint 2007.

The picture we used
12 Chinese Zodiac Signs: Picture as Menu or Outline

Step 1: Launch PowerPoint 2007 and create a blank slide. Insert the picture (you can either resize it to cover the entire slide or just relocate it and add text beside it). Now create at least 12 slides you want the invisible buttons to point to.

Step 2: Insert “Action Buttons”. There are two places in PowerPoint 2007 where you can find the Action Buttons.

(1) In the “Home” tab, “Drawing” section, you can find the “Shapes”.

(2) In the “Insert” tab, “Illustrations” section, find the “Shapes”.

Insert Action Buttons

Choose the “Action Button: Custom” which is the first selection in the top row.

Step 3: Drag your mouse and draw a rectangle to cover one animal (for example: rat).

Draw "Action Button:Custom"

Step 4: The “Action Settings” dialogue window will show up, or you can click the “Action” button which is next to “Hyperlink” button to open the window.


In the “Hyperlink to:” section choose “Slide…”.

Action Settings: Hyperlink to Slide

When you click on “Slide …”, a window pops up to allow you to select the slide that you want to hyperlink to.

Hyperlink to Slide

Step 5: Till now, the action button we draw will cover the animal. Now let’s make it “invisible”. Right click on the action button and choose “Format Shape”.

Format Shape

In the pop up “Format Shape” window, choose “No fill” in both “Fill” and “Line Color” sections. Then click “Close”, the action button is invisible and you can see the picture of the rat now.

Format Shape: No fill

Step 6: Now create an invisible button on the “rat” slide so we can jump back to the first slide.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps and create invisible buttons for the other 11 zodiac signs.

Small tips: You can Copy and Paste to create the action buttons for jump back to the first slide.

Create Invisible Buttons for all Slides


When you play the PowerPoint presentation, remember where the invisible buttons are and click on the right location or it will jump to the wrong slide.

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