How to Create Drop-down Menu in PowerPoint 2010

You should be quite familiar with drop-down menu in a variety of places, when you click on one button and more options show in the drop-down menu. Adding a drop-down menu to an introductory slide is a good way to give viewers a bit of control over a self-running presentation.

How to create drop-down menu in Microsoft PowerPoint? The technique is simple: Combine AutoShapes to build a drop-down menu type group. Then, add some animations so that the drop-down menu’s submenus seem to drop down from the main menu when clicked.

Take PowerPoint 2010 as example, we’ll show you the step-by-step guide to create drop-down menu.

Click here to read how to create drop-down menu in PowerPoint 2007.

Step 1: Create menu buttons. Open your PowerPoint 2010 and click Insert > Shapes to create menu buttons, fill in the proper text.


Select all the submenus and Group them so that all the submenus will drop down at the same time.

Step 2: Add animations to the submenus group. Click Animations > Add Animation, and choose Wipe from the Entrance group.


Now set the main menu as the trigger. Click Animation Pane, right click and choose Timing. In Timing tab of the pop up Wipe box, click Triggers and then choose Start Effect on Click Of. From the drop-down list, choose the main menu object.


Now, when you click on the main menu button, all the submenus will drop down immediately. Next we need to link the submenu buttons to its content slides.

Step 3: Select each submenu and click Insert > Hyperlink. In the Hyperlink dialog box, choose Place in this Document, and choose the content slide it directs to.


Step 4: Add hyperlinks to come back to main menu slide.

It would be even better if the submenu buttons will disappear when you go back to the menu slide.

Step 5: Set submenu buttons disappear. Add Disappear animation from Exit group. Set the Timing as Start With Previous. The Exit animation should be above the trigger.


Now duplicate the menu slide and select the first one (the upper one). One that first slide, delete the submenus so that only the main menu button remains.

With that first menu slide still selected, click Transitions, and uncheck the On Mouse Click check box and check the Automatically After 00:00 check box.


Notice: The main menu slide should have no transition effect.

Done! Press F5 to preview this drop-down menu animation in PowerPoint 2010.

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