How to Create Christmas Photo Album Using PowerPoint 2010

Posted By Dupont on November 28, 2011
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With Christmas fast approaching many of you are probably worrying about the Christmas gift. Your digital cameras may be full of photos with the special moments with your family and. We used to print out the photos and create a usual photo album book, or frame the photo and put it on our desk. Why not make it different this year? Make a personalized digital Christmas photo album to greet the Christmas 2011.

You don’t need to make things too complicated; as long as your love is embedded in the photo album, it is the best of the world. Since most of you should have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, here we’d like to share how to create Christmas photo album with PowerPoint 2010.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Import Christmas photos into PowerPoint 2010.

Inserting picture, music and video should be quite familiar with you. Today we would click “Photo Album” under the “Insert” tab to import all your Christmas photos into PowerPoint 2010 at one time. So remember to put all the photos in one folder and even better to arrange them in a proper order. Every Christmas photo would be placed on one single PowerPoint slide.

Step 2: Add Christmas song as PowerPoint background music.

Under the “Insert” tab, click “Audio” and choose “Audio from file” to insert the Christmas song. Click on “Automatically” when a message box pops up. Then set the song to play across the entire slides as background music. In the “Animation Pane”, right click on the song and access the “Effect Options” window, in the “Effect” tab, set the song Start playing from beginning and Stop playing after the last slide. How to set music play across slides in PowerPoint 2010 >>

Step 3: Add greeting messages, animations and transitions.

Add a few words to greet the Christmas and bring life to the still photos with animations and transitions.

Step 4: Set the timings for the Christmas photo slideshow.

Click “Slide Show” tab of the ribbon and choose “Rehearse Timings”. Be patient and set timing for each slide to transit to the next. To make it simple, you can set a certain time for all the slides in “Advance slides” under “Transitions” tab.

Step 5: Preview and finish the Christmas photo album.

Click “F5” to preview the Christmas photo slideshow. If you are satisfied, you can now burn the photo album to DVD disc for viewing on TV via DVD player or convert to video for sharing on YouTube or blog with PPT to DVD burner.

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