How to Create Black Silhouettes from Color Pictures

Posted By Abby on October 16, 2012
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Nowadays, people use PowerPoint every day. It is becoming a dominant and fable tool to efficient presentation. In this situation, it becomes incredible important to master numerous PowerPoint skills. Today I would like to reveal one – how to create black silhouettes from color pictures. You know sometimes the skill is really of great significance. For starters, it can help you attract more attention from your audience when you are making your presentation. The reason is definitely simple. Color pictures will show your audience the face, dress or hair clearly of the people. Then it is more likely for them to be distracted by the picture in your PowerPoint file. Secondly, it can help you free from the endless copyright disputes. Without it you should always make sure that all the pictures you use are your own originals or properly licensed. It definitely can be a pain.

To avoid this problem, you can turn to the skill of creating black silhouettes from color pictures which is a good helper to ensure you free from this trouble. Next I will introduce the fantastic skill to you step by step.

Step 1 Insert a Picture

At first, you should find some suitable picture online and then launch Micro Office PowerPoint. Click “Insert” > “Picture” to insert the picture you plan to use.

Insert a Picture

Step 2 Remove Background

Select the picture and you can see the “Format” tab in the functional area. Click the “Format” tab and select “Remove Background” option to remove the background of the picture.

 Remove Background

Step 3 Format the Picture

Select the picture and right click and then select the “Format the Picture” option. Immediately you will see a dialog box. Here set “Brightness” as ” -100%” and “Contrast” as ”100%” in the “Picture Corrections” option. Then you can find that the color picture has become black silhouettes.

Format the Picture

It is incredibly easy. Three steps are all it takes and you can try it by yourself! It is really helpful. You can apply the skill to a number of other pictures or images in the future after you master it. The following is my work, hope you like it!

Black Silhouettes from Color Pictures

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