How to Create a Scrolling Text Box in PowerPoint 2010

Posted By Abby on October 16, 2012
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These days, people almost use PowerPoint every day in their daily life. Enabling people to add words, pictures, videos, PowerPoint make it is easier for them to make efficient presentations. However, it is inevitable that people always disturbed by various kinds of problems in a practical application, even so, there are also numerous PowerPoint skills here to solve those problems.

Have you ever failed to insert a text into one slide show just because the text is too long to be shown completely? Have you ever suffered for this trouble? Now, I just can hardly wait to tell you definitely there is a good solution. You can add a scrolling textbox in the PowerPoint and then write the text you want to insert in the textbox. So, you can insert a long text into a single slide show and at the same time ensure it be shown completely by scrolling the scrollbar when you make your presentation. Next, let me tell you how to create a scrolling textbox in PowerPoint 2010.

Step 1 Add the “Developer” tab to the functional area
Because in PowerPoint 2010 the “Developer” tab is not added to the functional area by default. In this case, you should first add the “Developer” tab to the functional area. Click “File” > “Options” and there will pop up a dialog box, in which you continue to click “Customize Ribbon” and choose “Main Tabs” option in the dropdown list of “Customize the Ribbon”, and then check “Developer” in the following list. At last click “Ok” button to save your setting. Then the “Developer” tab will be displayed in the functional area.

Step 2 Add a scrolling textbox into the PPT
Click “Developer” and choose the textbox option to insert a scrolling textbox into the PPT.

Step 3 Set properties of the textbox
Check the textbox and right click and then choose “Properties” option, there will pop up a dialog box. Set the “MultiLine” as “True” and “ScrollBars” as “2 – fm ScrollBarsVertical” in the “Alphabetic” option. And here you can also set word format by clicking “Front”.

Step 4 Add text
Check the textbox and right click and then click “TextBox Object” > “Edit” to insert a long text.

After all the steps, a scrolling textbox is completed, the following is my work. How about yours? Try it right now, you can!

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