How to Create A Romantic DVD Wedding Slideshow

When you watch a breathtaking DVD slideshow at a wedding reception, there must be a sense of sweet come to you. What a spicy touch to such a big occasion! Yeah, that is the magic of a great wedding slideshow. If you are going to create a distinctive DVD slideshow, whatever for the wedding of a sister, a daughter, a friend or even of yourself, here are some helpful tips and ideas to make it a hit.

wedding slideshow photo


  • MS PowerPoint to build the wedding photo album

    Montage photosto elicit an emotional response from the audience

    Movie or video clipsto vivify the wedding slideshow in the middle way

    Moyea PPT to DVD Burnerto burn the wedding slideshow onto DVD

    Projector or DVD playerto display the final DVD wedding slideshow


1. Sort photos for wedding slideshow

Before choosing photos, think about what story you are going to tell, how long it will be and where it is going to display. The wedding story can focus on the most featured moments of the bride, the groom, or the couple. It should be one that makes the audience laugh or tear, rather than one that leaves them cold. As to the photos, be sure that each one is great looking and clear in order. Black and white or vintage are good for faded photos of earlier days. Note: Don’t include too many photos of many people in your wedding slideshow, or it will distract the audience.

2. Single out a movie clip for the slideshow

Movie clips of home theme should be a cool consideration. Find out a meaningful old video clip (short within 10-30 sec) and insert it into the middle of the wedding slideshow to wow the audience.

3. Organize wedding slideshow with Photo Album in PowerPoint

Now it is time to organize the elements in PowerPoint. First, use "Photo Album" in PowerPoint to import all the ready photos. Then, add in simple text as dates and places for every photo. Embed the movie clip you have prepared into the wedding slideshow. Use animations and wipes to shift the static photos from one to the next. Keep it soundless or give a slice of soft music that fits (e.g. "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong; "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw; "She’s Everything" by Brad Paisley). Check the length of the wedding slideshow. Avoid being too long. 8-12 minutes (7-10 photos per minute) are OK.

4. Save wedding slideshow to DVD disc with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

Once the wedding slideshow is set, you have to burn it to a disc for delivery. DVD is more of a favorable format for keeping a slideshow than itself. Going to play the wedding slideshow on a big-screen TV, or even loop with a projector on a wall? Moyea PPT to DVD Burner can help. The PowerPoint to DVD burning program aids you to clone the wedding slideshow completely to a blank DVD, making it achingly easy to show on TV via a DVD player, or to project at the event via a different computer. Another benefit is this PPT to DVD burner is also capable of converting your wedding slideshow to video so that you can post it to a wedding website.

What you need to do: Install the burner and import the wedding slideshow. Set the output to DVD (either Standard or High Definition). Watermark the wedding slideshow with a favorite image. Choose "Wedding" from all the DVD menu templates. Click Start to burn the wedding slideshow to DVD disc.

For more details on the burning, see in How to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

5. Practice till perfect

Practice, practice and practice. A marvelous wedding slideshow comes out of tests. To avoid an accident to the wedding slideshow at the big moment, you should have it tested till perfect before. Check the TV with DVD player or the projector where the wedding slideshow is going to be on. If you want to add a romantic touch to the digital show, frame the "Screen" around with fresh flowers or twinkling lights. In a word, set up everything before the right moment.

Finally, wish you a wonderful wedding with a thrilling slideshow!

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