How to Correct PowerPoint Content Put Wrongly into Placeholders

Have you ever met any of these placeholder problems when making a PowerPoint presentation?

* PowerPoint resizes or repositions your presentation content randomly
* Rotated images in Placeholders get jaggy when printed
* Macros and add-ins that work with images may skip images that have been "sucked" into placeholders

You must admit that PowerPoint sometimes behaves naughty at your content. For instance, PowerPoint 2003 may automatically default some unexpected content into placeholders, and even create a placeholder on a slide to hold the content, without your permission. It may occur in a hidden way, but the affect will appear later.

Then how to solve such placeholder problems in PowerPoint?

Here are 2 solutions to 2 different situations:

1. If it never occurs to you till now, do the following to prevent it from happening in future:

  • In the main menu bar, choose Tools -> AutoCorrect Options…
  • The AutoCorrect dialog box appears. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tag.
  • At the bottom of the list, remove the checkmark next to Automatic layout for inserted objects

    Note that you can also disable several of PowerPoint’s other automatic formatting and text sizing features here; some people like these features, some don’t, but they’re yours to control.

  • Click OK.
  • 2. In case you are suffering a placeholder problem in slide image, perform the following steps to repair it:

  • Click to select the placeholder; the Picture toolbar should appear; if not, choose View -> Toolbars and then Picture.
  • On the Picture toolbar, click the Reset Picture button
  • Choose Edit -> Copy from the main menu bar.
  • Choose Edit -> Paste from the main menu bar; this creates a copy of the original image but it will be an image shape type, not a placeholder.
  • Delete the original image (as placeholder) and re-size/position the new image as needed.
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