How to Convert between Word and PDF

Word and PDF are two most popular file formats that applied by computer users. Word is good for editing and making changes to works-in-progress while PDF is wonderful for viewing and sharing documents.

What if you combine the best of both these formats? So you can make free conversion between Word and PDF files. Maintain your original document in Word format and then convert to a PDF copy to share it with others. Or convert an email in PDF to Word and then make your own edits.
Here we are to introduce how to extract the excellent features of each format to edit in Word or to save in PDF.

How do you convert a Word document to polished PDF format?

There are many programs that can be used for converting Word to PDF. You may use the latest version of WordPerfect to save Word documents in PDF format, or the free OpenOffice Writer that is available at

If you are using 2007 Microsoft Office, you can apply its supplement add-in "Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS" (free download at, which allows you to export and save to the PDF format in Word 2007. But this cannot work if your MS Office programs are earlier than 2007. Don’t worry – still there are several applications that can help you to save Word files in PDF. Most may cost, but Moyea offers a free conversion program Word to PDF converter that assists you to create high-quality customized PDFs using Microsoft Word.

How do you convert a PDF file to editable Word format?

To convert a PDF file to Word document, you can try four different possible ways, including freeware programs and free web and email services. They are respectively as:

1. Koolwire email PDF to DOC conversion service
Koolwire allows you to upload a PDF file or send it via email as an attachment. The service converts the PDF file to RTF format and then emails the converted document back. So you simply open the RTF file with Word to make edits.

2. Zamzar web service
Zamzar will let you upload a PDF file through its web interface, convert it, then email you a download link. Go to and click the Browse button next to Step 1 and choose your file. By default, Step 2 will be set to DOC format. Type in your email address for Step 3 and click Convert.

3. MediaConvert web service
It is another web service similar to Zamzar. Just upload your PDF file up to this service. It will convert your PDF file to RTF format. Then open the RTF file with Word to edit the PDF text.

4. Adobe Acrobat ‘Save As Text’ option
Adobe Acrobat (or some other PDF viewers) also has a ‘Save As Text‘ option, which means you can save a PDF file in Text and then copy and paste the PDF text onto your Office Word. It often generates inaccurate text and simply cannot cope with several languages (especially Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) unless you use Acrobat™ Professional.

So take any of the ways mentioned above to make free conversion between Word and PDF.

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